Friday, March 25, 2016

Let's Go for a Walk #FitnessFriday

Happy Friday! Spring has finally arrived, and I am so excited, because our sweet baby girl will be arriving in just a little over a week! I have to say, it's sort of weird knowing when her birthday is going to be, rather than playing a guessing game like we did when we were expecting B. As you can imagine, being 37 weeks pregnant, I am pretty uncomfortable. While moving around is difficult at this point, I still realize the importance of daily exercise. I don't want to do it, but simple movements like walking and stretching are such a relief when it comes to pregnancy discomfort in the final weeks.

Here are some benefits of walking during pregnancy:
It keeps your heart strong and your muscles toned. 
It may help you have a shorter, easier labor.
It burns calories, which helps prevent excess weight gain.
It keeps your body fit, which offers protection from gestational diabetes and preeclampsia.
It eases constipation.
Anyone can do it!

Encourage the family to go for daily walks together!

I walked a lot during my pregnancy with B. With this pregnancy, however, I felt so exhausted most of the time, that I haven't made much of an effort to take care of myself. It's late in the game now, but I am making sure that I get some gentle walking or light physical activity in daily. After B was born, I walked twice a day around our neighborhood- morning and late afternoon. I was breastfeeding him, and that combined with the walking helped me to quickly shed the pregnancy weight. I was 15 pounds lighter than I was pre-baby, about 5-6 months after B was born.

Walking is great for everyone- not just pregnant woman and new moms. I have enjoyed walking with my son for these past few years. Daily walks help to keep muscles toned, and joints lubricated. Heart disease runs in my family, so exercising to keep my heart healthy and strong is important to me, as well.

If you're not settled with a regular exercise routine, why not incorporate a daily walk? Absolutely check with your doctor before starting a new routine, but my guess is that they will applaud and approve of your idea to start the daily walk.

Let's get out there and go for a walk today, and everyday!
Here's to your good health!