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Great Ideas To Stimulate Your Newborn's Senses

Many first-time Moms find they can’t help themselves at the baby store. Dressing your newborn is one of the most precious activities you can do. It helps you to bond with your baby. You are protecting him, and wrapping him up safe. Best of all, he looks so cute in that outfit! But the process of dressing your little one also triggers lots of sensory reactions for your little one. Every touch is new and exciting. And they’re essential to create all those important neural connections too.

Touch is just one of the senses that your little one needs to get to grips with. Some reactions to touch are automatic. If there is cold air in the room, your baby’s skin may become bumpy, and little hairs will rise. This reaction is more pronounced in adults, but you can see the skin change color a little as the blood flow changes. The most important part of the reactions is your baby coming to understand what the sensations are.

Lamaze and other newborn toy manufacturers create items that feature a wealth of different textures. Rough, smooth, silky and bumpy textures help your child learn about the world around him. They may go in the mouth because the tongue is better at feeling the difference at this age. But soon the fingers will be grabbing, rubbing, stroking, and poking things to help your baby learn more about them.

Sound also causes a few reactions. Your baby’s hearing may be more sensitive than yours. But the extreme reactions of startling and crying are caused by your baby not understanding what the noises are. New Moms need to introduce new everyday sounds quietly and gently so the baby can become accustomed to it. All the senses are developing every day at first. So is your baby’s understanding of the world around him. Don't be alarmed by newborn sneezing. It may occur sooner than you think, and it's completely natural. Sneezing and hiccups can come in waves, and it's nothing to worry about. If for some reason something seems abnormal or persists, contact your healthcare provider.

Babies don’t have great eyesight at first. They’ve been in the dark for the first nine months of their existence. Over time, images become sharper, more colorful, and better understood. Stimulating the senses is important for newborns. Their vision is no exception. Use colorful lights that flash gently or move. LED strips that lead somewhere interesting can help inspire a baby to move his eyes, his head, and his body to follow them.

New Moms have so much to learn themselves. It can be quite overwhelming to become a Mom and get through the first six months. You too can use light, sound, and touch to help you feel calmer and more relaxed. Soft LED fairy lights can help you feel relaxed because there is less light in the room to strain your tired eyes. Playing your favorite music helps reduce your blood pressure and soothe you. And cuddling or stroking your pet is a great way to wind down at the end of the day. Best of all, your newborn can tell you’re feeling soothed so that he will relax too.

It’s not easy being a Mom. You have to keep going no matter how tired you get. But with these tips to stimulate your baby’s senses, you also have a toolkit of distractions when he’s feeling grumpy! 

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  1. I wish that all new Moms could read the article you wrote! I even feel I learned something about Babies and their senses & my Baby Days are long Gone! Lol! I think I will send this post to my Grandsons Wife! They are expecting their first Baby in June..She seems to want to know all she can about being a Mom! I know she will love receiving your post & Reading it! Ondria Thankyou from Both of Us!!


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