Four Pests That Could Harm Kids

Kids are always inquisitive and love discovering cool new things. Especially little creepy crawlies! When they are out playing in the garden, you will often find them playing with worms and other small bugs they find. This is perfectly fine; you should be encouraging your kids to learn new things! However, there are some insects that can bite. You need to be careful of these particular ones, especially if they are poisonous or are seriously harmful to people. 


Most of us will experience an infestation of sugar ants at some point or another. These tiny creatures are attracted to food, so are usually found in kitchens. While you are trying to deal with the infestation, try and keep your kids well away from them. This species of ants aren’t poisonous, however, they still bite and will leave a red mark. It’s very easy to rid your house of these pests; you’ll have no problem finding out how to kill sugar ants.


It can be difficult to keep kids away from mosquitoes, especially during the summer months. These annoying flies buzz around everywhere outside, so as soon as you step out the door you could be targeted. The best thing to do is to find a good repellent that works. The most efficient deterrent is insect repellent clothing, but this isn’t always practical. Try not to feed your family foods that are high in salt or potassium. Mosquitoes can taste these minerals on the skin when you’ve been sweating. Their favourite flavours! Check in your drugstore as well. They may sell bodysprays that repel the tiny bloodsuckers.


Many spiders that you find in your home will not be poisonous. However, as many children are often scared of them, it’s a good idea to prevent them from coming inside. One fabulous natural way to keep spiders out is by using vinegar. Arachnids can’t stand the stuff! Leave some small pots of vinegar in the corner of your rooms. The scent will put them off coming in. They also dislike peppermint. Peppermint spray is available online. Give it a spritz around your home to make it an anti-spider zone!

Frogs and Toads

If you have a pond in your garden, you may be visited by frogs and toads. They can be a real advantage to your garden as they will eat lots of pests such as snails and aphids. However, be careful if your children take a liking to them. All frogs are poisonous. Yet most that we come into contact with have very low level of toxins. They are harmless to handle. However, if, for any reason, they come into contact with your child’s mouth and they ingest the poison, it could make them very ill.

On the whole, any animals and insects you come across in your home and garden will be completely harmless. However, it is best to be on the safe side and protect your kids just in case. You never know when a poisonous insect might make its way into your home space!

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