EWWWWW! GROSS!!! Help promote concentration with GROSS items in the new Find It Game #Review

All of us Mommas know two things for certain about our kids... 1, they are ADORABLE... and 2, they are GROSS!!! Hehehehe! We deal with a lot of gross things that come from our kids. While we take it all in stride, they think it is all HILARIOUS! When I got the email about this game, I literally Laughed Out Loud. Like Hysterically LOL'd!!!!
I knew my kids would LOVE this!!!!

Is that a “booger” next to the “road kill”? “Ear wax” on top of the “scab”??? Feel the spiders creep between your sheets, as bad breath permeates the air … All in our new “Eww, Gross”! version of the Find It® Game!
In the newest edition of Find It®, search for 40 Gross items in a sea of colored pellets. Upset your friends and show them what you’ve found!

Let’s face it - kids just love gross things. While parents love the attention benefits of Find It®. “Eww, Gross”! offers the best of both worlds in one fun package.

Package includes the Find It® Eww Gross game, playing cards and the Ways to play. An educational game for 1 or 2 players, age 6 and up.

I could not wait for them to open this!!

They laughed hysterically as I read the list of things to look for!!! They could not wait to start searching! I could not have gotten this out of the box fast enough for them!

Look at those looks of concentration on their faces!!!!!

What exactly is a Find It® Game?  Part game, part gift, parent company Identity Games calls it a “contained adventure.” It’s a portable treasure hunt that you can take with you in the car, to the classroom, grandma’s house, or just keep out in your room/office.

In every version of the Find It® game, you will find brightly colored pellets plus 40 or so small items that follow a specific theme.  The items are listed on top of the game for easy reference.  Some are easy to find; others a bit harder.   Twist, spin, shake or tap the filled container to spot the hidden items - in alphabetical order, smallest to largest, fastest to slowest, etc.   It sounds easy, but it’s a challenge for any age - there are so many ways to play a Find It® Game!

In “Eww Gross”, the focus is on everyday items that spark a reaction of disgust. Then again, kids love discussing the attributes of smelly sneakers or farts (the letters F, A, R, T are hidden in this new game)!

HAHAHA!!!! They found barf!!!!!!!! I was cracking up laughing at their reactions and was SO happy I caught this one in a picture!!!

Big Sister even got in on the action!!! She was up in her room and heard them down here yelling and giggling and ran down to see what they were up to ;) She immediately wanted to hunt too!!!

Part game, part activity, this “contained adventure” is a portable treasure hunt.  This newest version will get a reaction as soon as the 40+ word list is read. Expect to hear “eww” and “gross” when reading the words “scab” or “smelly armpits.” Again, don’t tell the kids, but playing this game will encourage focus and concentration, key traits for a healthy future.

My kids LOVE it!!! After the kids went to bed... I was sitting on the couch searching!!! There is a "Mystery item" to find... and it is GLITTER POOP!!! We have been searching like crazy for the poop! They spent hours playing with it last night... and their feet barely hit the floor this morning before they had it out again.

Here are some of the items inside the game....

Here's a couple as we found them....

WANT IT?!?! BUY IT!!!!!!
Want hours of fun for your kiddos (and maybe yourself too?!?)

Find It Game EWW GROSS is available

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