Eat Like A Caveman With Paleo Meals To Go #Review

From Nutrisystem to Hello Fresh, food to your door is the latest craze. There are also a ton of diet trends going around right now, Atkins, the butter loaded Bulletproof Diet, and Paleo are all huge. Today Im here to tell you about a new food delivery company that combines the idea of food to your door and the Paleo diet.

Paleo Meals To Go is a mother and son run Colorado company created by people who have a passion for healthy lifestyles and the outdoors. They are huge advocates of the holistic Paleo lifestyle. Paleo Meals To Go meals are made in the USA, and feature gluten free, milk free, soy free, grain free, shelf stable food.

Each package had clearly labeled ingredients and directions.
Simple ingredients.
Nothing but fruits, veggies, and spices. 

Paleo Meals To Go aren't your normal to your door food delivery service. Each Paleo Meals To Go meal is a quality freeze dried meal that is basically ready to eat. All you do is add hot water, or if hot water isn't available you can also use cold water. Paleo Meals To Go are a perfect addition to any hiking or camping trip. They are light weight, small, and compact containers that won't slow you down. 

I was able to try three different meals from Paleo Meals To Go

The first meal I tried was the Caldera Chicken Curry. I was really interested in this meal because I've had some curries before and they can be really spicy. I wasn't so sure this would be a good meal to take on like a camping trip or something because spicy food can really mess with peoples stomachs. However, I was presently surprised to find this meal was not spicy at all. This particular meal was not something I would normally eat but I did read and see plenty of other reviews that enjoyed this meal. 
Just add water and you have chicken curry.
What the chicken curry looks like out of the bag. 
 The second meal I tried was the Canyon Chicken Chili. This meal smelled super yummy! It was full of chunks of chicken and veggies. It was simple to make and although I didn't enjoy this meal either, I found many reviews and videos of people that did enjoy the chicken chili. 
Very nice label! 

Look at all those chunks of veggies! 

Full of real chicken.
My favorite meal was the Cliffside Coconut Berry oatmeal-like hot breakfast. It contained more calories than the other two meals but man did it taste good! There were huge chunks of walnut and slices of strawberries that were super sweet! 
The package looks good enough to eat! 

Look at all those strawberries! 

Fresh hot breakfast would be great when camping! 
I split the hot breakfast dish into two breakfast for myself because one bag makes a ton of food, easily enough for two people. The second day I added some banana and microwaved it all to warm it up. The banana kinda melted and made the whole bowl have a sweetness that really complimented all the other fruit and nuts. This was truly a delicious breakfast!

Hot breakfast with banana added. 

All in all I think that Paleo Meals To Go make a great hearty breakfast for two and could be really useful to anyone trying to follow the Paleo diet. I also think that Paleo Meals To Go would make a great addition to the backpack of any camper or hiker. With their compact size and light weight you can't find a better product to take along. 

Want it? Buy it!
Paleo Meals To Go  can be purchased through their website or stores across the nation. To find a store near you, check out their store locator.

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