Amazing Classic Cocktails You Should Be Able To Make

You probably already have a favorite drink. If you’re anything like me, you’ll play it safe and always order a beer or wine. Sometimes, it’s nice to switch things up a bit and order a refreshing long drink, like a gin and tonic. However, have you ever considered ordering a classic cocktail before? Not only will you look very elegant, drinking it out of a fancy glass, but you will also feel very sophisticated. Cocktails can be quite expensive on a night out, so cut down costs and make your own at home. Here are five of the most popular classic cocktails.

Old Fashioned

If you aren’t much of a bourbon drinker, an Old Fashioned might be the thing that converts you! If you really aren’t a fan of bourbon, you can always mix it with a sweet Canadian whiskey or a potent shot of Tennessee's finest. You will need some Angostura Bitters for this cocktail, as well as sugar, soda water and a nice strip of orange peel. An Old Fashioned is traditionally served in a small, round glass.

Bloody Mary

A Bloody Mary is more of a meal in a glass than a light cocktail! No wonder they are often considered a breakfast cocktail. Vodka is the most common alcohol used in this cocktail, although some people prefer Tequila. Lots of tomato juice also goes into the mix. People often argue about the best seasonings and flavorings that need to be added. But my personal favorites are Worcestershire Sauce and celery salts. I also love adding Tabasco for an extra kick of spice!

The Manhattan

The Manhattan is another whiskey-based cocktail. Instead of bourbon, this one needs either Canadian whiskey or rye. It’s sweeter than an Old Fashioned, as it is made with Sweet Vermouth. Can’t find any kind of Vermouth in your local store? Take a look at what’s on offer at the Liquor Depot. Adding a small drop of Angostura Bitters will also work very well in this cocktail.Don’t forget to garnish with a Maraschino cherry!

Tom Collins

Like your gin? Then the Tom Collins is the drink for you! It’s a long drink that is very simple to make, but it is still just as fancy as the other cocktails in this list. Add a good shot of gin to your cocktail shaker, along with soda water, fresh lemon juice, and ice. Give it a good old shake! Then pour it into a tall glass over lots of ice. This is such a refreshing drink; it will certainly go down well on a hot summer’s day!

The Sidecar

If you want a taste of Europe, mix up a Sidecar. Originally from France, this drink is a combination of Cointreau and Cognac. Add some lemon juice and serve over ice in sugar-rimmed glasses. Add a lemon twist for extra decoration! Close your eyes, take a sip, and pretend you’re in Paris!

So dust off your cocktail shaker and get mixing up some of these classic cocktails. Cheers!

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