A Must-Have Diapering Product You'll Actually Love: BabyBum Brush

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Diaper changers, get ready to have your mind blown! I haven't changed diapers in a few years, but it's not something that one soon forgets after having little ones. Hubby and I have been stocking up on the needed essentials for changing diapers again- the changing table, mat, diapers and wipes, cloth diaper options, disposal method, butt paste, etc. We were recently introduced to a super cool diapering accessory that we never knew we needed, and are now certain that we can't live without from this day forward.

The BabyBum Brush is a genius product, and mom-invented. Mom-Inventor Krista had a hard time with her little one who had a gastrointestinal issue after birth, causing him to have runny stools, which led to open sores and irritation on his little bottom. She was advised by her Dr. to ditch the baby wipes, and just use her hand to splash off the stool- and then use that same hand to apply diaper cream. His diaper rash wouldn't heal, and Krista then thought about all of the things her hands came in contact with before applying diaper cream- she always washed her hands after applying the cream, but didn't think much about washing them beforehand. 

That was the "ah ha" moment and she began designing a solution that would allow her to apply a thick coat of diaper cream without the risk of transferring germs from her hands. After filing patents on both the design and the utility, the BabyBum Brush™ was introduced to market in 2014. 

Meet the BabyBum Brush- a better way to apply diaper cream.

A smoother, thicker, faster way to apply diaper cream to little bums.

I am no stranger to diaper rash. When my now five-year-old son was a baby, he had his share of bad rashes. I remember using lots and lots of diaper cream, and having to spread it on with my fingers. Each time I applied the diaper cream, it wound up caked around my cuticles and under my fingernails... and it was hard to clean off. It wound up being a messy job, trying to keep baby still while squeezing out and applying the diaper cream with my hands.

The BabyBum Brush is a simple design, but a useful tool that all parents of new babies will love!

This handy brush is made from BPA Free, flexible silicone. It has a suction base, and easily suctions to flat surfaces, which keeps it in an upright position, even after you apply the cream, in case you need to set the brush down. It's ergonomic design makes it super easy to grip and hold onto. The wide application area allows for a thicker application, and keeps your hands mess-free. The diaper cream glides on smoothly, and then just wipes off with a baby wipe. No mess, no fuss, happy baby, happy mom or dad!

Our changing table is in the process of being re-organized, but I already have the BabyBum Brush ready- right beside a pack of wipes, fresh tube of diaper rash cream, and other diapering accessories.

I haven't had the chance to use the BabyBum Brush yet, because S isn't due for a few more weeks. I can already tell, however, that this product is going to be a lifesaver! There are so many baby products out there that parents wind up never using- but this won't be one of them! The Baby Bum Brush is awesome (B thinks it's super cool!), and I am so glad that we have one on hand. I may have to pick up one or two more to leave at grandparent's houses or keep on hand for baby shower gifts!

Want it? Get it!

You can snag the BabyBum Brush (available in a variety of colors for $7.99) from a variety of retailers, or on Amazon. Head on over to BabyBum to see what others are saying about this must have baby product! Connect with BabyBum on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest.

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