5 Things That Will Change In Your Life When You Have A Child!

Having a baby is a really exciting time for you and your partner. Before you have kids, you just have to worry about yourself, and your partner. But when a baby comes along, you will worry 24/7 about your child. A baby is a huge responsibility and therefore, you should be ready for your life to change when it comes along. You will definitely appreciate your mum and dad more when you realise everything they did for you! Here are five ways your life will change.

Your home

Your home will change dramatically when you have a baby. The spare room which might have been a guest bedroom or a study will suddenly turn into a nursery. And of course, this room will be filled with Furniture, clothes, and all the babies toys. It’s not just the nursery which will be different in your home. You will have to baby proof all wires, plugs and remove sharp objects which they may knock into as they grow up. Their toys are also bound to end up everywhere so be prepared for this. 

Your car

The car that you spent all your hard earned cash on will likely have to go if it doesn’t have four doors, and room for the baby’s stuff in the back. You need to make sure you have a family car which will have plenty of space for your bundle. You will need to be able to get the car seat in and out of the car easily so the more room, the better. 

Your holidays

Going on exotic breaks abroad would have been a highlight before you were expecting. But when you have a little one, you need to consider the airline flight time, and whether your bundle will be able to deal with it. Any breaks away will cost more when you have a child, and you will have to start considering going away to ‘family friendly’ hotels. As discussed here, if you do go away without your child, you and your partner will spend the majority of the time worrying about them.

Your friends

Your friends are likely to change when you have a child. You will be inundated with visitors when the baby first arrives. But only good friends will stick around when you have a baby. When you are cancelling plans all the time, they may disappear quickly. You will likely start to have fellow mummy friends who have children around the same age. These are likely to be friends you make at baby groups, and will understand what you are going through.

Your relationship  

You and your partner’s relationship will definitely change when you have a baby. It can bring you closer together as you have made this beautiful bundle of joy. However, with you spending more time concentrating on the baby, your partner may feel left out. Make sure you make time for each other and try and go on date nights.

Here are some other things that will change in your life when you have a baby. And it’s not all bad; there is a beautiful little person whom you both created and will love unconditionally. 

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