10 Tasks To Add To Your To Do List

Get a pen and paper ready. Here are ten things to add to your to-do list today. 

Check fire alarm batteries
Fire and smoke alarms save lives. There is no excuse not to check your batteries are still working at full capacity. Also, take a few minutes to check over the unit as a whole.

Research switching providers
Providers of things like electricity and water have to keep their prices competitive. After all, they all want to snare the same customers. Every so often, do a bit of research into switching. Sometimes doing so can save you money. Occasionally providers offer switching incentives. This might be a cash deposit or a free gift, like a tablet or TV. 

Check out phone upgrades
If you’ve had your cell phone for a while, you might be eligible for an upgrade. Companies don’t always notify their customers of this. The upgrade might be free, or there might be a nominal fee to pay. Check this out, and the phone contracts of others in your family. While you’re speaking with them, ask for some info on your data usage also. For example, if you’re currently paying for 3GBs of data, but your average use is less than 1GB, you’re likely spending more than you need to. 

Book a family dentist appointment
Family dentist appointments shouldn’t just be on your to-do list, they should be on your priority list! Some surgeries will allow you to book the whole family in for consecutive appointments, which makes going ever easier.

Book a bank review
No matter who your bank with, the staff there will offer their customers a free annual review. This consists of a sit down with a member of the team there to discuss your account and its current state. 

See an optician
Just as it is important to take care of your dental hygiene at the dentist's, it’s important to look after your eyes. Our sight deteriorates naturally as we age. See an optician if you notice any changes, but also just for a check-up.

Cancel unused memberships
This doesn’t just go for that gym membership you signed up for back in January! Check in on anything else, like members clubs or dining cards. Cancel anything you don’t use before you rack up any more unnecessary charges.

Get in touch with an old friend
It is in the back of our minds to get in touch with old friends and contacts. But we never seem to get around to doing it. Adding it to your to-do list will put it back in your thoughts. You’ll be so glad once you’ve done it.

Stock up on stationery
Your future self will thank you for this one!  Stock up on any stationery in your home, office or study that is running out. Refill your staple guns with staplers, and buy a fresh pack of stamps, for example. Also, throw out any pens that no longer work and sharpen your pencils.

Take a day off! 
Life can get frantic. You deserve a day off. Plan a day in the near future that you will take some time off for yourself. You’ll reboot your batteries and be fresh to go again the next day.

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