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Tummy full of Love with Trudeau gadgets...#review

Do you need some fun kitchen gadgets for Valentine's Day?  Trudeau has them!  I received the Heart Shaped Chocolate Molds (MSRP $11.99) and the Heart Shaped Silicone Egg Ring (MSRP $5.99).  I knew as soon as I saw them that they would get lots of use in my house!  I have not used the Egg Ring yet but plan to make heart shaped eggs and pancakes for Valentine's Day breakfast.  I don't have time during the week to make this type of breakfast.  I can't wait to surprise my family on Valentine's Day.  I have used the Heart Shaped Chocolate Molds.  I actually used them within an hour of receiving them.  Aiden wanted to try them out as soon as I showed them to him and told him what they were for.  All I had at the time were semi-sweet chocolate chips, so that is what we used.  I melted them in the microwave and then spooned the melted chocolate into the molds.  I put them in the fridge and in about 15 minutes we had chocolate candy.  Aiden loved them but I'm not much for chocolate, but they sure were cute!  I decided that I would make them for all my kids at school and for Aiden's class for Valentine's day because it was so, so easy.  I bought milk chocolate chips this time and have spent the day making candy.  I'm excited to slip these into my kids Valentine's boxes this week.  They are going to be a big hit!!  This will probably be my Valentine's from here on out each year.  I will love using these Trudeau gadgets for a long time!

Silicone Egg Ring 

Chocolate Molds

Look how easy it is!

3 molds in the package

Aiden helped so it was a little messy:)

15 minutes in the fridge


Perfect chocolate hearts!

A little about Trudeau....

Trudeau is a leading edge North American marketer and designer of innovative quality products. We are dedicated to creating a unique experience in preparing and serving foods and beverages, at home and on-the-go.

Trudeau Corporation was established in Montreal, Canada, in 1889, as an importer and distributor of high-end specialty goods from around the world, under the name Genin Trudeau. Trudeau Corporation soon developed an extensive distribution network along with a reputation for high-quality products and expert servicing.

In recent years, the company has invested in innovation, design and manufacturers products under the Trudeau brand, as well as several private-label brands for well-known U.S. retailers.

Family Heritage

Trudeau Corporation embodies four generations of family tradition and values. Chairman Robert Trudeau, his wife Deborah, and three of his children (Philippe, Anne-Marie and Paul) are actively providing corporate leadership. The company celebrated its 120 year anniversary in 2009.

Through a commitment to making consumers’ lives easier, Trudeau’s experienced team of designers creates fully functional and award winning kitchen products. Fresh thinking and modern design are just some of the hallmarks of a Trudeau product.

Trudeau products can be found in better housewares, specialty, independent and department stores in over 60 countries. With more than 150 new products introduced each year, the Trudeau brand continues to gain international recognition.

U.S. Headquarters

Trudeau’s U.S. headquarters are located in Woodridge, near Chicago, Illinois, occupying an 116,000 square foot facility, which includes offices, a warehouse and customer service division.  Trudeau Corporation is based in Montreal, Quebec in Canada.

And some other items you can find at Trudeau...

Want it?  Buy it!
Head over to Trudeau to check out all of the things they have to offer.  There are sure to be lots of things you need.  You can also connect with them on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and YouTube.

Special thanks to Carol and our friends at Trudeau for allowing me to try out these fun Valentine's gadgets!  It was a pleasure!

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  1. I love little molds like this! You can really make a candy of your own with them. I would really love to have them for Candy Making. I have a smaller version of these for making Decorations for cakes that I will Bake. I really enjoyed your review... :)


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