Toddler Time Fab Five: March

This month has TWO thematic events to plan for! Instead of shortchanging them, I'm going to focus on St. Patrick's Day for this list of toddler to-dos. There is a lot to work with here: the color green, rainbows & pots of gold, shamrocks, and of course leprechauns!

1. What leads to the pot of gold? A rainbow! And when you start looking, you'll be surprised at how many toddler things can be sorted into ROYGBIV. Letter magnets, play food, clothes, and of course art supplies all look beautiful when put into a rainbow.

Sort things into a rainbow to find a pot of gold!
2. Go green and create a sensory bin filled with green pipe cleaners, paper, ribbon, beads, whatever green things you can find around the house. I threw in some gold coins in this pot! (safety note: if you're using small objects from around the house, be sure to make this a supervised activity)

Collect all the green things for a St. Patrick's Day themed sensory bin
3. Explore might be too cold to comb through the clover patch where you are but did you know you can grow them inside? Check local plant departments in late February or early March for "shamrock plants" or start from scratch with seeds! If shamrocks are too elusive, here's a cute idea for growing another green plant inside, all you need is a sponge, water, and seeds.

Am I Looking Over a Four Leaf Clover?
4. Little leprechauns can actually take over your house with this adorable photo op mask made from a paper plate and construction paper. We made ours from the tutorial here.

Cutest Leprechaun on the Block!
5. You might have something in your fridge that is green and also makes a four leaf clover with the addition of some green paint. Check out the green pepper shamrock prints how-to here.

Slice a green pepper and add paint for a surprise shamrock!

And, since these involve cooperating toddlers...may the luck 'o the Irish be with you in all your crafty ways!

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