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Scrumptious Meals and Snacks from Scrumpt Box

Thank you to Scrumpt Box for providing me with product, free of charge, in exchange for my honeat review. All thoughts and opinions shared are my own.

Do you have a picky eater in your house? I sure do. Both my husband and my son are extremely picky about the foods they eat. Hubby is sort of a food snob, and unfortunately, my son is picking up on it. Don't get me wrong- B loves most all of the things that kids enjoy, with a few differences. Planning meals can be tricky for us. Hubby and I don't want to give up eating the foods we enjoy, and we want to make sure that B is getting well balanced, nutritious meals, as well. Lunchtime can be extremely difficult, as B likes very few lunch foods. We mainly stick with small portions of items such as half a grilled cheese sandwich, fruit, yogurt, and some pretzels. I have tried my hardest to get him to eat other types of foods, but he just refuses, and then a battle ensues!

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Not long ago, I was introducted to Scrumpt Box, a subscription/delivery service for snacks and meal kits. They just launched a new Kids Box, filled with lunch ideas. 

Here's how it works...

Choose Your Lunches

Create food profiles for kids, note any allergies and pick the lunches you want to see delivered.

Receive Weekend Delivery

Every weekend, your Scrumpt Lunch Kits are delivered to your doorstep.

Ready, Set, Assemble!

With the kit’s ingredients and instructions, plus a few refrigerator staples, easily prepare great lunches for the week.

We were sent the Kids Box, and couldn't wait to see what was in it. B was pretty excited to find that this was pretty much for him.

The Scrumpt Box contained 3 days worth of lunch kits, pre-packaged with ingredients needed to make quick, healthy lunches.

Also included, a shopping list, letting me know what else would be needed from my own pantry or fridge to complete these meals for B.

The kit also included a card with stickers, so we could track how many fruits and veggies B was taking in each week.

As we glanced at the lunch kits, I knew that there was going to be some resistance from B. Ideally, you fill out a food profile online for your child, so Scrumpt knows what your child does or doesn't like. For our trial box, we weren't given that option, so we wound up with a lot of things that I knew B wasn't going to like. I love that Scrumpt gives parents the option to tailor the lunch kits, so they're getting their money's worth!

Lunch #1 - Soft Pretzels and Cheese

This lunch kit was a great idea! It came with soft pretzel bites, a fruit blend squeeze pouch, a fruit leather strip, and paper sticks.


The lunch kit instructed me to serve the pretzel bites with cheese cubes. and to stack grapes on the paper sticks to make grape kabobs. So clever! B is not a fan of cheese cubes, so that was a no-go for him. He did, however, enjoy the soft pretzels bites, the fruit strip, the cute grapes on a stick, and the fruit pouch.

Lunch #2- Pretzel Sandwiches

This was more of a grown up lunch. This kit included two mini pretzel rolls, apple chips, organic fruit snacks, and raspberry tea. The pretzels were to be used to make little sliders- with turkey, etc. I was actually looking forward to making these for my husband, because he loves pretzel rolls. I was going to warm up some sliced ham and cheese, and serve them on the rolls. Though the rolls were fresh when we received them, two days later, they were moldy, so we had to toss them, We were pretty bummed about that. 

B enjoyed the organic fruit snack, and I enjoyed the apple crisps and tea- they made a great snack!

The third kit contained some yummies, as well!

In our third lunch kit, we received black rice crackers, ranch dressing, SunButter, raisins, and a chocolate chip granola bar.

This wound up being a nice kit to make snacks with. I enjoyed the rice crackers, and made a banana sushi toritlla with the SunButter and the raisins. B loved the organic chocolate chip granola bar, too!

Mmm! Pretzel bites are always a yummy treat!

I like the idea behind Scrumpt Box. For us, it was sort of a miss, because we didn't get to specify preferences, and had to toss one of the items from one of the kits. I'm sure that if we were given the full Scrumpt Box experience, and could list the foods that we do and don't like, individually, it would have worked much better for our family.

I think Scrumpt Box is a great idea for busy families. Having healthy lunch kits for kids or adults delivered to your door on the weekend is awesome! Just keep in mind, that you'll probably have to purchase a few grocery items to use along with these kits, per the instructions. It takes a lot of the guesswork out of packing lunches!

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Flexible subscriptions or one-time purchases to fit your needs
Choose What You Want

Scrumpt features gluten-free, nut-free, and lactose-free lunches in addition to 24 nutritionist created lunches every quarter.
Set Your Own Schedule

Have a school holiday or going out of town? No problem. Skip or pause your deliveries any time.
Cancel Anytime

We’ll be sad to see you go, but you can cancel your Scrumpt subscription online, anytime, without any hassle.

Want it? Get it!

Head on over to Scrumpt Box to start your profile, and choose your delivery plan! You'll love the flexibility that Scrumpt Box offers, and you'll love their healthy lunch kit options! Deliveries start at just $19.00! You can also receive 50% off on the Scrumpt Box website, when you sign up!
Connect with Scrumpt Box through Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.

Special thanks to Scrumpt Box for allowing us to try out their wonderful service and share about their healthy lunch kits!


  1. I absolutely love this Scrump Box. Not only is it great for your childs lunch, being able to personalize it to your childs taste is awesome. I also think that it is a Great idea for someone who is watching their weight get some healthier food and snacks. Like me!! I would really think about this box for myself!! :0)~~


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