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Make Time for Family Time #WordlessWednesday

Since the start of the new year, our family has been busier than ever. Not only are we prepping for our new addition, we just added even more weekly activities to our schedules. We must be crazy. Down time at home isn't something we get a lot of, and my husband is is certainly working outside of the home a lot, so he and B don't always get to spend a lot of time together.

This past Sunday afternoon, we had about an hour and a half at home, before we had to be back at church for afternoon activities. As I hurried around, trying to take care of laundry and a few other things, I stumbled upon B and his dad, hanging out, and reading together. This is a rarity in the middle of the day in our house. B didn't want me to take a picture, but I just had to capture the moment. It was definitely one of those warm, fuzzy moments for me, and I was proud to see my husband spending time with our son like this.

How do you make time for family time in your busy world?

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