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Love = Motivation #MondayMotivation

Every time I do a Motivation Monday blog, I really have to think about what motivates me because its honestly one of those things that I don't think about as much as I should. I have SO much to motivate me but I don't take enough time to recognize it. This Motivation Monday Im blogging about someone who motivates me every second of every day, not just on Mondays. My motivation is my husband Josh. Josh is my rock and fortress, he makes me a better person, and gives me a million reasons to wake up in the morning. I love with more than I ever though it was possible to love another human being and Im so thankful that God brought us together. That being said, here is my motivation...

Celebrating Josh's cousin's wedding.
Our first Discount Tire ball. 
Josh and our crazy niece Coco.
Learning how to take proper selfies. 
Hanging out at an Indy Fuel game with our nephew Bex. 
This might be one of my favorite pictures of all time! 
Josh and our dog Penny Lane on the first day we met her. 
Eating lots of meat at Fogo De Chao. 
Josh and Coco.
Josh being silly with our niece Scooks. 
Josh, Bex, and our brother in law watching the Cubs VS Cardinals game at our cousins wedding. 
Our first trip to the city together. 
Enjoying the Shedd Aquarium


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