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Let's Build! January Brick Builders Club Box #Review #BrickSwag

Thank you to Brick Builders Club for providing me with product, free of charge, in exchange for my honest review. All thoughts and opinions expressed are my own.

Since Christmas, there has been non-stop brick talk in my house. I love that B is really getting into LEGO sets and brick building. It's a hobby that his daddy really loved as a kid, and still enjoys as an adult. It's a lot of fun for me to just be able to dump a bunch of bricks out onto the table or floor, and watch B start to create everything from buildings to vehicles, using just bricks and his wild imagination. B isn't just a fan of LEGO sets, he is a true LEGO fan. He loves LEGO everything, and soon, we're hoping to be able to surprise him with a trip to LEGOLAND! 

Getting new LEGO loot or brick building sets makes B's day like you wouldn't believe. If he were given the chance to pick out a toy, he'd go straight for the LEGO aisle. 

Now that we're receiving monthly BrickSwag Boxes from Brick Builders Club, B can't wait to check the mail! BrickSwag is a monthly subscription box for LEGO fans. It's filled with all sorts of cool items, and a monthly build challenge. 

The January BrickSwag Box was filled with lots of cool items, and B couldn't wait to see what they were!

Each month, the BrickSwag Box contains the following:

LEGO themed t-shirt
LEGO themed poster
5 LEGO trading cards
Build Pack
Extra Bricks or extra surprise
Monthly Build Magazine

B loved all of the cool surprises that were included in the January Box.

The LEGO T-shirt was pretty cool- a LEGO skeleton and red heart!

New trading cards to add to B's ever-growing collection!

The monthly Build Magazine

The monthly Build Magazine contains lots of fun information for LEGO fans. It features photos that fans have submitted of their monthly builds, instructions for building the monthly theme, cool upcoming LEGO related events, and more!

The January BrickSwag Box featured Constructibles, and build ideas!

B received a brick booster pack in his box, which was awesome- you can never have too many LEGO pieces to pick and choose from when you're building.

The Build Pack contained the needed pieces for the January Build.

The LEGO themed poster for the month was dinosaurs!

The pieces from the January Build Pack.

January was a free build month, which meant that B could use his imagination to build whatever his heart desired. He loves following build instructions most of the time, but he also loves being able to build creatively, on his own. He is pretty much always fully concentrated on what he's building when LEGO bricks are involved. He can sit and build for hours, without a care in the world. 

B, mixing the free build pieces with the brick booster pieces from the January BrickSwag Box!

We really enjoy checking out different subscription boxes for kids, and this is by far, one of our top favorites, and one that we would gladly pay to subscribe to. When I think about how much a LEGO T-shirt or build set would cost all on their own, most of the time, they would be more expensive than this awesome monthly box! You're really getting a lot of value here.

We can't wait to share the February BrickSwag Box with you. We just got it, and it's just as awesome as the January box! BrickSwag is a great gift for kids of all ages who enjoy LEGO bricks! My hubby even loves seeing what comes in the monthly BrickSwag Box! This is something that he and B can enjoy together!

Want it? Get it!

Head on over to BrickSwag to check out their awesome LEGO fan box! There are lot of great subscription options to choose from, and shipping is around $7.00. A 1 month subscription is just $26.00 + s/h. The box is delivered monthly, right to your door. Extra 10% Savings! Use Code ‘HAPPYTEN’ at Checkout. You can also connect with BrickSwag- Brick Builder's Club on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram!

Special thanks to Brick Builders Club for another awesome monthly box, and for letting us share all about it!

Stay creative!

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