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Message From Smart Art Box
Smart Art was created by a small group of friends, driven by the desire to see the world and experience the culture created by historical visionaries. Along the way, they found inspiration in the many mediums found everywhere, from the poorest of villages, to the most prestigious of cities. Each medium expressed the artist’s individual communities, heritage and personality. For this reason, inspired by the passion portrayed in their art, a new determination was born to pursue and discover the many exciting art mediums across the world.

Together, we are committed to ensuring artists understand art and it’s many mediums throughout time in order to create a better understanding of the world around us. Our mission is to deliver products that kindle creativity, stimulate exciting new techniques and establish a deeper connection with art for everyone.

This is what we saw when we opened our Smart Art box... and we were EXCITED!!!!

My kiddos are always looking for projects to do, and since I have started working full time, it has been hard for me to be creative!! This was like finding a huge treasure for them. And so easy on me! I literally opened the box... and everything they needed was inside! I didn't have to gather anything! Just the kids and the box =) They were SO excited!!! They got their own masks to paint!!!! How cool is that?!?

All the paint we needed was inside along with the brushes and some glitter glue. As well as 2 masks.

These masks are VERY sturdy. Not at all flimsy.

There was also a booklet included with a history of Venetian Masks as well as project pointers and info about the project tools that were included.

The back of the booklet has step by step instructions to follow as a Smart Art Challenge!

This was about all I did for my kids who are ages 5 & 6. I made the pencil lines for them and told them to stay in the lines while they painted!

Big sister did jump in to help little sister out with straightening up her lines. Little sister got a little excited and went crazy to start. After seeing how nice her brothers looked when he took his time, she slowed down!!!

They spent HOURS working on their masks!! I was super impressed with the quality of the masks as well as the quality of the paint!! I was afraid the paint would be runny and take tons of layers. NOT AT ALL THE CASE!!!! The paint is super thick but quick to dry! That was my other fear, that they would have to wait forever in between for it to dry! The whole thing is just one layer of paint then whatever decoration they added. They never had to get up from the table and wait for anything to dry! They just went from one area to the next.

Their finished projects =) They LOVE them!

Big sister and I did very little helping. They did these all on their own and were SO proud of themselves and loved the outcome!

They wore them for the rest of the day. I actually had to take mine off my son when he fell asleep with it on! When he woke up, the first thing he did was find his mask and put it on. We are actually taking a special trip to my parents house today just so they can show NaNa & PaPa their masks =)

Your box will feature a range of top-shelf FULL SIZED art supplies, plus a project to go along with it to help teach and inspire your inner artist.


The project’s are unique and cultural. We create projects that give a quick step by step to help those who are new, and guide those that are seasoned. We also provide tips to help new and old artists gain invaluable new skills.


With each medium come the tools to manipulate it and bring out the strength that each style can achieve.

Designed for artists and those who want to learn, the Smart Art box finds the artist’s spark in everyone. Each box is built with a specific goal in mind, to bring you an experience that you’ve longed for. Achieved by bringing our own love for art and everything you need to create the art that brings you serenity and peace of mind.

Some of their previous boxes were

Not only does Smart Art Boxes include everything you need for an amazing art project, their website has tutorials to help bring out your inner artist.

There is no tax, and shipping is free in the US!
Smart Art provides artists with diverse high quality materials that inspire and nourish creativity. Each month subscribers receive a new box featuring:
  • A different artist that highlights their time period
  • 8 or more FULL SIZED art supplies
  • A unique project
  • A pamphlet detailing a new art medium

Is a monthly project shipped to your front door! You can order them month by month, for 3 months, 6 months, or a full year!

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