Leap Day and Occasional Treats #MondayMotivation

Happy Leap Day! I'll be honest, I am not one to give Leap Day a whole lot of thought. No one in my family has a Leap Day birthday, so I don't really think about that extra day we wind up with once every four years. Leap Day has me thinking about the occasions in my life this year, though... and the ones that only happen every now and then.

There are certain events that I look forward to, that don't happen all the time- some of them not even once a year. For instance, we don't always have celebrations on tap for family weddings or new babies, but when we do, we look forward to their arrivals. I never quite know when I might get to see my sister. She lives 16+ hours away, and sometimes we only see each other once a year. Other times, there are reasons for her to surprise us with a pop-up visit. This weekend, she and my mom are hosting a baby shower for me, and she's flying in from Oklahoma for the weekend. I can't wait to see her and spend time with her. It means the world to me that she's coming out for the weekend to celebrate the impending arrival of her niece.

Big trips or daytime adventures- we love spending family time together,

Big trips are also something to look forward to. Sure, we go on family vacations every year- but they're pretty low-key (i.e. family beach trips, etc). Every now and then, we decide to go on a big trip- like a trip out of state, or on a cruise. I am trying my darndest to convince my hubby to plan a trip to LEGOLAND for B next summer, and then Disney World in a couple of years when S is big enough for us to take her with us.

I still get excited about the little things, too- birthdays, holidays, and special celebrations. They're more common, but anytime we have a reason to get together and celebrate as a family, I feel a little spark of excitement. It's easy to become bogged down by the weight of everyday life and expectations... but we shouldn't forget the things that make life with our friends and family so very special, no matter how big or how small. A simple Saturday picnic in the park with the family can be just as magical as a big trip. Make time for the occasional stuff... you'll be so glad you did!

What are some of the special occasions 
that you look forward to in life?

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