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A few weeks ago, I was having a less than perfect morning, so I turned to the Humor section of Pinterest where I usually find myself when I need a good giggle. Someone had accidently saved this as "humor" and I am glad they did. It changed my entire mood and day!
Everyone I talked to that day, my husband, my kids, my co-workers... I started our conversation with a compliment to them.
~You smell good. (to my hubby)
~I like what you did with your hair today.
~That is a really cute sweater.
~LOVE those shoes!
~You're so pretty. (that one really got my 6 year old smiling!!)
Nothing hard. Just a couple simple words. To watch everyone's face light up with a smile and a thank you made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. It was awesome! I had a co-worker tell me later in that day... I was in such a bad mood... and 3 minutes with you made me feel so refreshed! And all I said to her was "Good Morning Pudding Snack! Turn that frown upside down!!" Within 30 seconds we were both laughing so hard.
So on this day of Love, and any other day, say something kind to someone. Make someone smile! You can be the difference in a terrible or amazing day!
<3 Happy Valentine's Day! <3

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