Cupid's Arrow...a quick Valentine's snack

Need a quick and easy treat for Valentine's Day?  I'm in charge of the food for Aiden's class party and I thought these Cupid's Arrows were perfect.  The marshmallow is the perfect amount of 'sweet' without making it too unhealthy.  I am excited to take these to school for the kids to enjoy.  I hope some of you will also enjoy Cupid's Arrows.

You will need:

Kabob skewers (cut in 1/2)
Heart shaped marshmallow's

Place the blueberries on the skewers and end with the marshmallow on the end.


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  1. I Love it!! Definitely a more Healthier food for the children then the usual candy! It is also easy to do and looks so cute! I know the Children will really like these!Enjoy your Day ~ :)


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