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This is something new to me and I think I'm in love with AwesomeBox!!  I take tons of pictures but never really do anything with them.  I had so much fun looking through pictures of Aiden and putting special little notes on each one.  It was so simple and easy to understand...which says a lot because I am very easy to confuse when it comes to computer things.  It took me about 30 minutes to do my 25 cards.  I couldn't wait to get these in and show them to Aiden.  I knew he was going to be so excited and I sure was right.  I opened the package and looked through it before letting him see it.  I was so impressed with the quality of these cards.  I really was expecting more of a picture that you would put in a photo album but these are so much nicer!  They are very high quality printing on nice card stock.  These will last a lifetime.  Aiden was so excited when I showed it to him.  He sat in the floor and looked at each one and read the special messages I had for each card.  He couldn't wait for Daddy to get home from work to show him.  We really loved the container that the cards were in because it had all the pictures printed all over it.  This is a great service that I will be using again and again to keep all my special memories forever.  I'm so glad I have found AwesomeBox.  

I knew this was going to be awesome before I even unwrapped it!

The top of the box.

The back of the box. 

I love this personaliztion on the side of the box. 

The other side of the box. 

Here's what I found when I opened the lid. 

Aiden checking out his AwesomeBox. 

He enjoyed each card and the memories they brought. 

He really had hair this long?

I liked that he took the time to read each message I put on the back of each card. 

What‘s AwesomeBox?

AwesomeBox is an entirely new way to give a truly memorable surprise gift. With great ease, a group of friends and family can produce a unique boxset of custom printed cards. Each 5.25x 5.25” card features a photo on the front and personal message on the back. Great for holidays, birthdays, milestone events or just because. Cards can be displayed, shared, and saved as special keepsakes.

What makes AwesomeBox a great gift?

AwesomeBox is “social-by-design" — both online and offline. It’s fun to see all the photos and messages come together in a virtual surprise party! Once delivered, cards can be passed around, talked about, laughed and cried over, shared with friends, and even framed on a wall or placed on a coffee table for display. The collection of cards becomes a time capsule of favorite cherished memories.

AwesomeBox Prices: 25 Cards $49 * 50 Cards $79 * 75 Cards $99 *  100 Cards $119

Want it?  Buy it!
Head over to the AwesomeBox webpage to check out the options they offer and begin your very own box.  They are offering MBP readers $10 off your first box and free USPS shipping with the coupon code LOVE.  This is valid through March 1, 2016.  You can also connect with them on Facebook and Twitter.  

Special thanks to our friends at AwesomeBox for allowing me to share about their wonderful product.

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