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The Great Plate is GREAT!!! Perfect for food and drinks, spicing up your dinners, Football Sunday parties & fun for after school snacks and movie nights! #Review

 Having a Valentine's Day party for the kids but don't want spills? Need creative ideas for a Sunday afternoon Football game watching party for kids and adults? The Great Plate has you covered. Perfect for wherever food and drinks are served together. Using one hand, you can enjoy your food without leaving your beverage behind. The Great Plate is made of flexible and durable polypropylene. It is dishwasher safe, microwave safe, reusable and recyclable and it comes in red! The color of love! The best part is it is made right here in the US.
After watching this quick intro about The Great Plate, I couldn't wait to give them a try!!!

We received the Multi-Colored 12 pack and couldn't wait to try them!

These plates are quite large and have LOTS of room! They are super sturdy and the drink holder is deep so it holds the drink in place!


It's super cold here right now, so we had an indoor picnic =) The kids loved the plates, and I love them too!!! The actual plate is not a flat surface so food doesn't just roll of the plate. Mom's, you know how grapes go rolling... not on these! And as I mentioned, the space for the drink is DEEP too, so the drink is in there nice and secure!
These aren't just great for kids... LOOK at all the things you can do with The Great Plate.
We tried a few of these.... It floats.... which is awesome since we have a pool! It flies... which is also awesome when the kids aren't flying them in my dining room ;) But if you take them on a picnic, they have a duel purpose.  They are certainly sturdy, portable, and easy to carry!
These plates are HUGE... to give you an idea of how much can fit on a plate, check out these photos from The Great Plate!
I can't wait to use ours on our next taco night, then I can fill the centers with Salsa or Guacamole and the kiddos won't be fighting over the dish to dip their chips!!!

And I'll take this ANY day for breakfast!!!

Individual fondue plates! I LOVE this idea! My kids are always arguing over whatever the said dipping sauce is for stuff. (2 of them are always squawking that 1 has the dipping bowl closer to them!)This way they would each have their own!!
PERFECT for chips and dip!
I cannot wait for our next movie night to bust them out and do this!!! No more fighting over the bowl of popcorn! (Can you tell my 3 monkeys like to argue about everything being equal?!? hehehehe)

And I absolutely LOVE this one!!!! It would be perfect sized to put out with dinner or as an after school snack!
and most lovely for a Valentine's Party... A Candy Plate <3
The Great Plates are available in several color and quantity choices.
These are going to get a TON of use at our house!!! I cannot wait to have them poolside this summer or to take for a picnic at the beach! The food will stay on the plate, and the sand will stay off!!! They have also given me several ideas to spice things up for dinner and after school snacking! They are dishwasher and microwave safe and super easy to clean up. Easy to hold and carry for both kids and adults!
WANT IT?!?!? BUY IT!!!!!!
The Great Plate is available for purchase online on
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