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Taking to Godparenting Like a Pro

So, you’re friend or relative has brought a new addition into the world. What’s more, they’ve asked you to take on the responsibilities of Godparent. Congratulations!

Being a Godparent is a truly amazing feeling. Amidst the excitement, though, is an undeniable sense of fear and panic. After all, this is a huge responsibility, and you want to do the very best for the child and the parent. It can feel a little scary, but it doesn’t have to be that way. You already love the baby boy or girl like your own. As long as you are prepared for the duties of a Godparent, there’s nothing to stop you fulfilling the role in the best possible manner.

The most important aspect of being a great Godparent is that you enjoy a strong relationship with the child. This is best achieved by being around the baby at every possible opportunity. Offering to babysit can help strengthen the bond from an early age. Besides, it gives your friend some much-needed time to celebrate their relationship too.

If you are going to have the child over, then it’s imperative that you childproof the property. This is especially true when they become a little older. After all, toddlers are naturally very inquisitive. A trip to the local Emergency Room is the last thing you want while they are in your care.

Keeping the child safe at all times is your number one responsibility. This needs to be at the forefront of your thinking whenever you take the child for days out. It’s equally vital that you remember this when it comes to journeys. Understanding the importance of car seat safety and other factors is a must.

Child safety is job one. But it’s still extremely important to build those emotional attachments with the child. Try to be the fun Godparent, and you should see a great response from the child. Apart from the added enjoyment, establishing a close bond will give them an outlet to share fears that they feel unable to tell their parents.

Another key aspect to consider is the idea of gift-giving. Presents aren’t the most important thing in the world. Nevertheless, celebrating those big occasions, including the Christening, is important. Visit http://www.makaboo.com/first-birthday-gifts for ideas on 1st birthday presents, and you won’t go far wrong. When the child gets a little older, they’ll become excited by the gifts too. Apart from anything else, it’s a clear display of your affection for the child. This won’t go unnoticed by kid or parent.

Whatever you do as a Godparent, it must support the parent’s methods. Otherwise, you’ll be sending mixed messages to the child. This can be very disruptive to their emotional development. Quite frankly, you should always try to employ a similar approach to spending time with the little one. After all, a united front is far greater than a broken one.

Speaking of broken fronts, there is a possibility that you may need to help the child cope with a divorce or a bereavement at some stage. This is something that you’re likely to face in the early days of Godparenting as the child is far too young to understand complex matters. However, handling any potential situation in later years is crucial.

It’s also important to remember that you’re probably one of several Godparents. In an ideal world, your partner will also be designated the responsibility. If this isn’t the case, however, it’s vital that you build a friendly relationship with the other Godparents. Even if you don’t naturally get on, this is for the good of your friend and your Godson or daughter. You all have the child’s best interests at heart, so it shouldn’t be that difficult.

Before worrying too much about those aspects, you need to consider the Christening itself. Knowing what to expect on the day will help you greatly, especially if this is your first time. You want to start those responsibilities in the best manner possible, don’t you? As well as preparing yourself mentally, you need to look the part too. This is a significant occasion in the child’s life. Not looking the part will let the whole family down.

On the day itself, you should take as many photos as possible. Try to get snaps of you and your new Godchild as well as groups photos of the biological family. You can turn those snaps into canvas art at http://www.my-picture.co.uk/canvas-prints. This can make the perfect gift to remember the day. It shows your appreciation of being given this important role in the child’s life, as well as your commitment to be the best.

It would be wrong to think about a Christening without considering the religious side. If religion plays a big role in your life, then that’s great. Even if it doesn’t, it’s important to recognise that it is crucial for the biological parents. Try to embrace those aspects when dealing with the child. It will make a world of difference to the parents.

The most important aspect of being a Godparent is to be available. You have essentially been invited to become a huge part of the family. If you’ve accepted those responsibilities, then you should at least fulfil them to the best of your abilities. There’s an excuse to fail in other aspects, but there’s no reason that you can’t at least play an active role in the child’s upbringing. Besides, what’s the point in being a Godparent if the child feels no connection to you.

It’s not rocket science. As a Godparent, you should perform as you would want another person to act if they were the Godparent of your child. If you do this, then there shouldn’t be too many problems.

You don’t just owe it to the parent and child. You owe it to yourself too. Show commitment to the role at all times, and you should be just fine. Most of all, remember to enjoy it. After all, it’s one of the most satisfying responsibilities you’ll ever encounter.

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