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My Favorite Travel Memories #Destinations

I have been on some pretty amazing vacations in my lifetime. From an early age, my parents began taking my sister and I on road trips. The older we got, the more we traveled. As an adult, I have been to some fabulous places with my husband, and with my family... from sunny locations in the Caribbean to adventures up and down the east coast and out west.

My top five travel memories are...

New Orleans, LA

Mahogany Bay, Roatan

Grand Cayman Islands

Cozumel, Mexico

The Bahamas

For as much as I love the cooler weather and New England states, I guess you could say we're hooked on the Caribbean when it comes to vacations. I've never been to Europe, though- and would love to visit Italy, Germany, Austria, France, and the UK. I'd also love to visit Scotland and Ireland one day. Australia is on my list, and my husband would love to be able to take a trip to Russia. We've got a big list of places we'd love to go.

I can't leave out North America, either- I'd love to visit the Great Lakes, see places like Seattle, San Francisco, Colorado, Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire, and one day, I'd love to see Canada, as well.

What about you? Where are some of your favorite spots to visit? Which places are on your must-see list?

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  1. Your Vacations sound awesome. You sure have been around for a Young Lady! The most beautiful Place I ever went with my Husband was Hawaii.. I felt like I was in Paradise! We were their for almost 2 weeks and we had so much fun. I loved the fresh pineapple they had!! Every place we went to eat I had some! Just couldn't get enough! Lol! We never got back there, But I am so glad I went there at least once!!


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