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Love is starting to fill the air! Valentine's Day is right around the corner. Send your kids to school with the CUTEST Valentine's! #Review

 There are 2 things with my kids that I take VERY seriously.... Halloween costumes and school Valentines! I am not sure why I have an obsession with school Valentines, I think it has something to do with how adorable they can be. And these Valentines made by Peaceable Kingdom my friends, are by far, the CUTEST Valentine's I have ever seen!
I was super excited to see this box arrive. Just opening the box gave me a huge SMILE!

A little about Peaceable Kingdom
Come into the kingdom and join the fun!
Since 1983, we have created fresh, fun products that educate, stimulate and inspire. Our company began with a single product, and we have grown to be an industry leader in stickers, greeting cards and cooperative games.

Our Mission is to: Make good, do good, be good!

We strive to "make good" by:
  • Using sustainable materials in our products whenever we can, such as recycled papers, soy-based inks, and corn-based plastics
  • Working with independent game developers and illustrators
  • Creating products that help connect you to the kids in your life, and kids to each other
We strive to "do good" by:

  • Giving back to our local and global community through our "Donation a Day" program
  • Responding to each individual inquiry we're sent and doing "little things like" providing free replacement game pieces when something gets lost or broken
  • Making customer relationships a priority with store visits, regular communication and in-store events & trainings
We strive to "be good" by:

  • Ensuring our team stays connected, happy and healthy through things like birthday celebrations, trainings and wellness classes
  • Creating award-winning children's products that bring a smile to everyone's face
    Inviting, processing and implementing feedback we get from our wonderful customers
We know the vital importance of happy relationships with our little ones, which is why all of our Peaceable Kingdom products help you connect with the kids in your life.
Princess MK was up first. She FLIPPED over these! Have I mentioned she is my sweet tooth Chocolate junkie of the house?!?

She could not wait to open them and sniff!


She could not wait to get started!!!! She didn't care what I said! These Valentines were getting done NOW!
Look how cute they are!!! And BIG! These are large valentines that are simply adorable!


Each box comes with 28 cards and envelopes. They are adorable, LARGE, and chocolate scented! She cannot wait to pass out her Cookies & Cream Valentines on Valentines Day!



Again... Look how BIG these Valentines are! These ones are Cherry Scratch and Sniff and smell oh SO good!

This pack comes with both 28 cards & envelopes.

Miss M couldn't wait to get going on hers either! She LOVES both the cupcake and the owl cards. I love the bright colors, the awesome smell, and the size! Both of these are a big card. And the colors and the sayings are adorable. Each card has an Owl that pops out and because a super cute bookmark.

Last up is Master B. This is his first time getting to do Valentines for school. He was so excited to see what it was all about =)


Again... these Valentines are HUGE! and HILARIOUS!!!! I have never seen a Valentine like these!!! I cannot wait to see a class of Kindergarteners with these! How cute are they going to be?!?!?

Some Moustaches in action... (though we didn't have any suckers on hand, so we had to improvise.) They were all so excited to open their Valentines from Peaceable Kingdom, he couldn't possibly wait for me to run to the store to get some suckers ;)

So with these, You put each moustache or lip on a sucker. You then put the sucker in this adorable baggie. You write the "To & From" on a sticker, and seal the bag with that. I mean honestly, HOW CUTE!!!!

I am so super impressed with these Valentines! One of my favorite things about these is the size! They are so big and sturdy and colorful! The kids absolutely love them and cannot wait to share them with their classmates this Valentines <3
From Valentine bookmarks to moustache lips to scratch & sniff cards and tattoos, there are fun Valentines for everyone. Each box includes enough for the whole class!
Check out the entire collection of Peaceable Kingdom Valentines Day Cards. You will NOT be disappointed in your purchase.
WANT IT?!? BUY IT!!!!!!!
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