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Fondue Pour Deux Trudeau Zen Fondue Set was AWESOME family fun #Review Perfect for cold winters nights, romantic Valentine's fun, or for family use!

All 3 of my kiddos just brought home report cards with FANTASTIC grades, and I wanted to do something to celebrate! This Zen Chocolate Fondue Set could not have come at a more perfect time!
I was SO excited to get this package!!
It was packaged very securely and wrapped tight so pieces would not get broke during shipment!

The box is very appealing and sturdy.

It can also be used for cheese!!! I am super excited to use it like this with just my hubby and I! The kids wouldn't be near as excited with a cheese spread as they were with chocolate.

Everything was nicely packaged inside the box to keep it secure.

This is everything that is included in the Zen Chocolate Fondue Set.... The 3 pieces to the set, 4 fondue forks, and a tealight candle to keep it warm.
Show time!!! The kids had no idea what I was up to in the kitchen! I told them I was working on a Perfectly Perfect Report Card Surprise!
For their surprise, I used Strawberries, Bananas, Marshmallows, and Pretzel Rods.

For our chocolate, I just melted milk chocolate chips right in the bowl. The set comes with a fancy recipe for chocolate, but I was working on the fly... and to my minions, chocolate is chocolate... they are NOT picky!

This was one banana, half a container of strawberries, a handful of marshmallows, and about 5 pretzel rods. You can most definitely fit more in if you wanted to use this for a party!
They were so excited when they came to the table!! They have never fondued! Let alone chocolate fondued!!!!

Miss M was first at dipping strawberries! As she said, "she had to show the littles how to use it!"

What do you think? Think Master B was excited???

And this one... The one with the sweetest tooth in this house, She went straight for the marshmallows!!! She was ecstatic to be dipping marshmallows in chocolate!
And of course, her doll Kit got to come to the Chocolate Party!

She thinks chocolate covered marshmallows are delicious too ;)

When it was all said and done, this is what was left, one messy boy and barely a smidge left!!!! They LOVED it!!!

Clean up was super easy!!! Just some warm water and soap and it was good as new! (Same applied to the boy! LOL)
The Zen Chocolate Fondue Set was absolutely perfect for family fun! I love the divided platter to keep things separate for dipping. It's classic yet contemporary design are great for at home family fun, fun without the kiddos, or fun for a party! They were already discussing what the will have for their next fondue party!! For $29.99, this is fun that can be had over and over again!
Trudeau features several other Fondue sets as well!
Do you love fondue? Multi is perfect for all of your fondue favorites! This 12 piece, 40 oz. Multi 3-in-1 Fondue has a stainless steel finish and comes with handles and a fork guide. Double boiler insert allows you to change from meat to cheese or chocolate. Includes six stainless steel forks with color coded tips and a 5 year warranty. Then there is the Multi 3 in 1 Fondue Set.

This 11 piece, 84 oz. Alto Electric Fondue has a mirror
stainless steel finish and comes with handles, a fork guide and easy release
cord. One ceramic double boiler insert allows you to change from meat to cheese
and chocolate. It's 1500 watt electric base has thermostat control. Includes
six stainless steel forks with color coded tips and a 5 year warranty. Find the Alto 3 in 1 Electric Fondue Set here.

This sleek and stylish fondue set is build to LOVE. A fun and festive way to serve delectable cheeses, savory meats and scrumptious chocolate, the Lumina with its copper finish makes fondue the main event. From top to bottom, the set has an array of impressive features. The tri-ply copper pot offers superior heat conductivity and comes equipped with a ceramic double-boiler insert for either cheese or chocolate. Its polished 18/8 stainless steel interior is easy to maintain and clean.  The stainless steel fork guide keeps fondue creations in place for those rests between Valentine’s Day kisses!   Set includes a copper and stainless steel base, six color-coded stainless steel serving forks, a cool-touch safety burner with cover, and a recipe booklet full of tips and techniques to LOVE fondue. The ultimate Lumina 3 in 1 Fondue Set is also available from Trudeau.
Trudeau is available ONLINE !!!!
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  1. This looks amazing. It would be so much fun for a family night.

    1. it really is so much FUN! they woke up this morning asking if they could do it again after school ;)


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