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Xsense for her...making your days better! #review #giveaway

I'm an Essential Oil girl and love trying new things.  I had never heard of Xsense but was very interested in it after receiving the deluxe starter pack for her.  It includes 3 vials of natural scented oils that can help you work better, play harder and rest easier.  The .03 fl. oz. vials are worksense, playsense and restsense.  I received these right before I left for a 12 day vacation.  I used the playsense quite a few days while at Disney World.  That is an exhausting trip but I really think the playsense helped to keep me going longer.  I smell of the playsense is invigorating.  It's very easy to use.....just rub a dab under your nose.  I also used the restsense while at Disney.  I don't sleep well at home, much less in a hotel.  I dabbed little restsense under my nose before bed and it had a very calming smell.  I love that one!!  I have not used the worksense yet.  This is a busy time of year in Kindergarten, so I'm planning to take with me to work to help get through until Christmas break.  I am very much enjoying my Xsense!

My package of Xsense has arrived.

Nice, simple packaging.

Information and ingredients listed on the back of the package.

Cute little vials

Good stuff in there!

Here's a little information about Xsense...


“Is there any scientific truth to the idea that scents can improve daily performance in life?” As two admittedly skeptical neuroscientists, we approached this question carefully, wondering whether scents can actually help people work more efficiently and exercise better.

After searching through literally thousands of research items on the topic (the majority of which were useless), we found a select few well-designed placebo-controlled studies that yielded strong enough evidence that even we were convinced. Further inspired by the work of two Nobel-prize winning authors on this topic, we determined that certain scents can indeed work simultaneously to improve brain functions that affect performance in a variety of ways.

Once we found the perfect combination of ingredients that really work to trigger these scent-responses in the brain, we partnered with a world-class perfume specialist to make sure the scents also smell great. Ultimately, our efforts led to the creation of products with ingredients that are scientifically backed, smell refreshing, and are 100% natural.


All of our products have been thoroughly tested for safety. To make sure our products are safe for our families, friends and everyone else who uses them, we did extensive safety testing through FDA-approved laboratories. In addition, our PlaySense product is approved by an independent laboratory that certifies products for use by amateur and professional athletes.


Our team consists of neuroscientists with collectively 50+ years of experience in the field, including publications in peer-reviewed publications, conducting clinical trials, and with over 20 patents issued (and another 25 pending). Perfume Industry Specialists with an intimate understanding of perfumery with collectively 50+ years of experience (including clinical trials, academic research, and teaching).


So how did we come up with our product names? In short, because we developed three separate products—designed for work, play and rest—the products were named WorkSense, PlaySense, and RestSense. We wanted scents that made sense, so each product is a unique formulation to help people in these three phases of daily life.

We constantly hear personal stories from athletes who ran faster and longer, professionals who worked more efficiently and productively, and fatigued people who are finally able to rest easier after using our products. Some of our friends have even substituted PlaySense for their daily caffeine while others have not-so-jokingly wondered whether convincing their work colleagues to use WorkSense might mean less work for themselves!

The natural ingredients in worksense could help you do more every day so you have more time for fun. Precisely designed to improve your efficiency, retention and accuracy—naturally.

How do scents help Work?
Connections between brain memory centers (like the hippocampus) and the olfactory nerve may well improve memory storage, in terms of both learning and remembering at a later time. Improved learning and memory can, in turn, make tasks more efficient and accurate to perform in the future. This may explain why smelling some scents results in improved learning, retention of information, accuracy, and efficiency.

playsense contains natural ingredients that could up your game and amp your intensity in every workout, to give naturally based performance backed by real scientific testing.

How do scents help Play?

The brain’s “limbic system” is associated with emotional drive, and the “flight or flight response” which activates when faced with a predator. This response relies on both speed and endurance to evade a predator. When we exercise, we may improve our endurance and speed by smelling these scents, via their connections to the emotion-related limbic system, with connections such as the amygdala found to be related.

restsense is made from pure ingredients found to help relax and de-stress, so you could rest easier. Natural ingredients clinically combined.

How do scents help Rest?

While alarm and anxiety are associated with the brain’s limbic system (with structures such as the amygdala and cingulum), scents that act to counter this system may actually calm it. Connections have been found between scent pathways and the limbic system, and RestSense could well use these connections to reduce stress and improve relaxation, as found by placebo-controlled clinical studies.

Want it?  Buy it!
You can head over to the Xsense webpage to learn more about these products or purchase some for yourself.  You can also connect with them on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Pinterest.

Want it?  Win it!
Five  lucky MBP readers will win a Deluxe Starter Pack for Her (RV $14.99) from Xsense.Giveaway is open to US residents, only- 18 and older. No PO Boxes. Just use the handy RC entry form below, to enter for your chance to win! MBP is not responsible for prize fulfillment. Prize will be delivered by the sponsor. Please see our policies page for complete details.

Special thanks to our friends at Xsense  for allowing me to share about their wonderful products, and for offering this wonderful giveaway for our readers. Xsense is featured sponsor of the MBP 2015 Holiday Gift Guide.


  1. I'd like to try xsense because it seems there is actual scientific studies backing up their claims. The "restsense" especially is something I need, lately (due to issues at home) I've been a nervous wreck!!

  2. I"d like to try XSense to help improve my daily life in a drug-free way. I love that there is science and research behind these products.

  3. I have heard a lot of good things about essential oils but have not tried them yet. My son suffers form anxiety I would love to see if this would help him.

  4. I never headr of this but would like to try it
    sound good it could improve my life style

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  9. I want to try it because I think anything is trying once

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  11. I'd love to try this Xsense because I love essential oils and your story sounded very encouraging (regarding your experience with these oils)


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