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JAKKS Pacific toys

Thank you to Jakks Pacific for providing me with product, free of charge, in exchange for my honest review. All thoughts and opinions shared are my own.

What's in a toy? Just a world of fun when your little one's imagination comes into play. This holiday season, our friends at Jakks Pacific are introducing some pretty amazing toys for preschoolers, and we think you're going to want to check them out!

JAKKS Pacific, Inc. is a multi-brand company that, since 1995, has been designing, developing, producing and marketing toys, leisure products and writing instruments for children and adults around the world. JAKKS has lots of fun toys from Disney, Star Wars, Minions, TMNT, among others. We couldn't wait to see what they were rolling out this holiday season!

We were sent a couple of cool toys from JAKKS Pacific's Preschool Toys Collection...

A new toy from one of our favorite PBS Kids shows- Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood!

We were excited to find Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood's Deluxe Electric Trolley! B loved this show so much when he was around age 3. The show reminde me so much of Mr. Roger's Neighborhood, which is what Daniel Tiger is based off of. The show explored lots of situations that little ones are face with, like visiting the doctor, going to play school, missing a friend, feeling left out, trying new things, etc. It was such a comfort to B, who was experiencing so many new things at the time.

The Deluxe Electronic Trolley comes in a big, bright package.

You can actually try the demo for this toy, while it's still packaged. Just remove the little cardboard arrow, and you can press the buttons. This trolley is so cute! It plays music, and and plays sayings from favorite characters like Daniel Tiger, Katarina Kitty Cat, and Prince Wednesday!

The large trolley is a great size for preschoolers.

Trolley has a handle on top, so it can easily be picked up and carrie from place to place. It also has little seats inside that the play figures can sit in. The top of the trolley opens up, and can be used as a storage case for all of your child's Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood figures (sold separately). Trolley is motorized, and moves on its own. It does require batteries, which are included with the toy.

Mrs. Tiger, Daniel (with removeable hat), and a street light are included in this set, as well.

The back of the package shows all of the things that Trolley can do, and the additional figures and accessories that can be purchased and used with this set.

JAKKS toys

Ages 3+
SRP: $24.99

Hi Neighbor! Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood, the hit PBS kids preschool series inspired by Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood, is a top rated preschool show with families! Now, children can give Daniel and friends a ride around town in the new Deluxe Electronic Trolley, a motorized vehicle with lights, sounds and music!  The Deluxe Electronic Trolley from JAKKS Pacific, features 12 character phrases, plays two songs, and has a working headlight. It also includes two figures (Daniel Tiger and Mom Tiger), and accessories for added play. There is seating for six figures and storage for all the additional accessories. Push the button, and watch Daniel and his friends ride along and make believe on the new Deluxe Electronic Trolley. It helps promote and support imaginative play and helps teach life’s little lessons.

We also received a super cool motorized, robotic pet from Street Dogs!

Our Street Dogs pet is named Buster. He's a spunky pup in need of some training. This motorized pup comes with a remote controlled bone, which can be used to train the pup, and make it do cool tricks! Buster can talk- offering up over 50 songs and phrases! What kid doesn't want a talking dog, and what parent doesn't love a pet they don't have to be responsible for and clean up after?

Buster is so lovable... he sticks out his tongue, and everything!

Buster comes ready to play, and I can't wait to see the look on B's face when he gets to meet Buster!

B and I are allergic to cats and most dog breeds, so we can't have those types of animals as pets. I feel awful, because B is constantly asking if we can get a puppy. Truthfully, as much as I love dogs, I am not willing to live on allergy meds or have to spend tons of bucks on allergy shots for the both of us. Not to mention, we love being able to travel when we want to, not having to worry about who will care for a pet. Buster is so cool, and he can come with us on all of our trips, which will make B super happy! 

Street Dogs are great, perfect for ages 3+. Kids will haev a blast playing with their new pals- there are different Street Dogs available. This toy does require batteries- for the dog, and for the remote. Don't forget to remind Santa to leave batteries under the tree this year! Kiddos will be able to 'teach' their dog tricks, and will even learn some responsibility by taking their dog to the bathroom, and by feeding and caring for their new pet.

The back of the package shows the many ways Buster can be played with, and some of the cool tricks he can do, as well!

JAKKS Pacific Brands

Ages 3+
SRP: $49.99

The all-new Street Dogs add some real “bark” and “bite” to the remote controlled toy aisle!  This RC canine combines truck wheels with a wagging tail for a doggone good time full of surprises that kids are sure to love. Taking this pooch out to play is far from a typical walk in the park with 50 fun and humorous phrases and sound effects, plus you can teach it 11 cool tricks! Get ready to laugh with his jokes and watch kids have fun in a game of tug-of-war by pulling his tongue. All Street Dogs come with a wireless controller to activate the tricks or simply take the Street Dogs for a walk.  All the love of a dog with all the fun of a truck!

From street to screen, there is also a Street Dogs App that brings added fun to playtime and allows kids to take Street Dogs on the go.  Take the digital dogs on a virtual walk or engage in fun treasure hunts. Kids can feed them and even take them out to potty. 

Want them? Get them!

JAKKS Pacific has so many cool toys for kids this holiday season! Be sure to head to Jakks Pacific to check out their brands, and to see where they can be purchased at various retailers. Connect wtih JAKKS Pacific on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube!

Special thanks to JAKKS Pacific for allowing us to share about some of their awesome toys this holiday season! JAKKS Pacific is a sponsor of the MBP Holiday Gift Guide.

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