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Sweet Charm Elegance... Handmade jewelry and charms for the sweet and elegant #Review

Sweet Charm Elegance
All handmade, all hand designed. Sweet Charm Elegance introduces hand designed jewelry, with a twist! Perfect the young diva in your life, the baked goods collection is the most adorable and sweet accessory that a child can wear! Sweet Charm Elegance LOVES sweets, desserts and candy. Below are some of the "sweet" inspired jewelry. This unique brand also makes other types of charms as well for those without a "sweet" tooth. Designs at SCE are created with a simple elegance that captures the eye of all ages.
We were SO excited to receive these charms!!! My daughters and I have some what of a SERIOUS sweet tooth ;) So these are right up our alley!
Our package arrived in this adorable pink satchel. Super nice touch for gift giving.
We received 3 charms... all of which we LOVE!

Our absolute favorite is The Rainbow Cake charm. SO adorable!
The detail is AWESOME!

Princess MK was more than happy to model!! We don't have a good charm bracelet to put these on, so she picked this beaded necklace to show it off. It is simply adorable!!!

We also received a Chocolate Cupcake charm. Again, SO super cute!!!

You can pick your favorite cupcake when ordering!!!! Here is an example or the white cupcake as well!
You can order chocolate cupcake with chocolate icing, chocolate cupcake with white icing, white cupcake with white icing or white cupcake with chocolate icing! Pick your favorite and wear it all day long!!
We also received this amazing wedding cake. The detail is SO spectacular!!


Some of their other adorable sweet charms that are available...
The Rainbow Cake can also be made as EARRINGS!!!
A little more about Sweet Charm Elegance
A little over a year ago, we discovered this magical stuff: clay. Always the one to try something new,  I decided to play around and create different types of charms. First, came the sweet stuff; fruits, candy, cakes, pies, you name it. Pretty soon, Sweet Charms quickly expanded to fashion, foods and animals ( my tea pots charms are my biggest draw!).
Looking to add more to my collection, I happened to get a beautiful free gift of these gorgeous vintage Swarovski crystals. I quickly learned how to create all different types of jewelry. With its distinct cuts, Swarovski is one of the most recognizable brands in the jewelry business. Each crystal  is handled carefully as pieces are created...Swarovski crystals have some serious sparkle to them!  Like anything, we are constantly learning new techniques and follow jewelry trends.
At Sweet Charm Elegance, we create jewelry inspired by all things that are sweet, sparkly and shiny! All designs are handmade, using the highest quality crystals. Most of our elegant line offers color options for weddings, bridal showers, proms, or any big event. We exclusively use Swarovski Crystals and freshwater (dyed and undyed) pearls. "Made With Love", each piece reflects Sweet Charms personal style.
So in addition to the adorable Sweet Treat Charms, they also have some beautiful Swarovski Crystal jewelry.

Celebrate the Past, Future and Present

Show her that your love is eternal with one of our handmade bracelets, featuring the exclusive Swarovski Crystal Pave Infinity pendants.  LIMITED TIME ONLY!
and a selections of beautiful Wrap Bracelets.
WANT IT?!? BUY IT!!!!!
Sweet Charm Elegance is available ONLINE
and follow them on
Super Adorable stuff for any sweet lover in your life!

Celebrate the Past, Future and Present

Show her that your love is eternal with one of our handmade bracelets, featuring the exclusive Swarovski Crystal Pave Infinity pendants.  LIMITED TIME ONLY!

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  1. Just Love your little Charms they are adorable. I Know my little Emmah would just love to wear The Sweet Charm Elegance Jewelry!! Love it! :)


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