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StrideRite Holiday Styles for Your Little Jedi #Holiday15

Thank you to Stride Rite for providing me with product, free of charge, in exchange for my honest review. All thoughts and opinions shared are my own.

I don't know what it's been like in your house lately, but at my house, everyone has been going Star Wars crazy! We're just days away from the opening of the new Star Wars movie (hubby even bought advanced tickets to see it opening day), and it's going to be a truly Star Wars Christmas around here. Star Wars items are dominating my hubby and son's Christmas lists this year. B has been asking for everything from Star Wars themed clothing to books, toys, and buildables. I thought the icing on the cake for this cool kid would be some sweet Star Wars sneakers... but we have always had some problems when buying sneakers that will actually fit his wide, thick feet. That's why we turn to Stride Rite for B's shoes.

Stride Rite

Stride Rite has been a step ahead of kids since 1919. They're all too familiar with kids affinity for mud, their rookie grasp of gravity, and their insatiable desire for dressing up like maniacs, superheroes, princesses, and superhero princess maniacs. So our shoes aren’t just stylish, they’re designed to be up to the task of being worn by kids—and easy on parents.

We began shopping at Stride Rite for B several years ago, after we realized that ordinary old shoes just weren't going to cut it. B's feet are wide, and thick from top to bottom, so he needs all the extra room he can get. We love shopping at Stride Rite stores, because their staff is always so helpful and friendly. We can have B;s feet measured, and they recommend the correct shoe size for him to grow into. Stride Rite has all sorts of cool shoes for babies and kids, in all styles- ranging from sweet to super cool!

We were given the chance to take a look at some of the cool Star Wars styles available at Stride Rite! Even the box is super cool!

Can't wait to peek under the tissue to see these cool shoes!

We received the Stride Rite Star Wars™ Hyperdrive Lightsaber Sneaker in a boy's size 2. B isn't quite wearing a size 2 yet, but the staff in the Stride Rite stores usually suggest going up half a size from what your child is wearing, so they have room to grow into the shoes. I went ahead with the size 2, figuring (and hoping) that these would last us through the winter, and into the spring season. Hey- maybe B can even wear them into summer!

These cool blue sneakers would make any little kid excited!

Though the shoes don't feature a character, they do say 'Star Wars' across the top strap, and 'Jedi Knight' across the mid foot.

Plus... there is an awesome JEDI  logo on the side, with a lightsaber that actually lights up when your child takes a step!

A bt of a blur to capture the light, but here it is- all lit up!

Now, B tends to like the Dark Side a bit, but when it comes to Star Wars and lightsabers, I know these will be winners in his eyes! What kid doesn't want lightsaber shoes that light up when they walk around?

Check out the cool design on the bottom!

Not only do I love the design in the bottom of the shoes, I love the grooves and tread. I feel good about B wearing these during the winter, when there might be some slippery conditions to deal with. I know that these shoes will help to keep him balanced, and he's less likely to slip in them than some other types of sneakers and shoes.

Check out the heel of the shoe- so cool!

Another view of the awesome lightsaber on the side.

One of the other reasons we love Stride Rite- we can pull the tongue of the shoe way out, to achieve the right fit for B.

Stride Rite Star Wars™ Hyperdrive Lightsaber Sneaker
$50.00 USD 
Make the Jump to Light Speed with the Hyperdrive Light Saber sneaker. It features the iconic Jedi lightsaber. There’s a hook-and-loop closure, and the heel has Hyperdrive-inspired lights that shine with every step.
These are available in kids and preschool sizes.

B is going to be so surprised when he sees these awesome Star Wars sneakers, and I can't wait to post and share pictures of him wearing them! 

Stride Rite has lots of awesome shoe styles, no matter what your sweet littles are into. Looking for Star Wars styles for your little Jedis? Stride Rite has 'em, and it's not too late to stock up on cool styles for the whole family!

Want them? Get them!

Head to your nearest Stride Rite, or shop Stride Rite online! Stride Rite offers free shipping on orders over $75.00. You can also join the Stride Rite Rewards program, and save! While you're shopping at Stride Rite, don't forget the socks, and accessories!
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