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Smokin'Hot Holiday Gifts from Mr. BBQ #Holiday15

Thank you to Mr. BBQ for providing me with product, free of charge, in exchange for my honest review. All thoughts and opinions expressed are my own.

Believe it or not, here in NC folks still use their grills this time of year. Our family loves to grill everything from meats and veggies to pizzas and fruits. We tend to use our grill the most during the summertime, and early fall, and love that we can grill yummy, healthier meals by doing so. In the winter months, we love to use indoor grill pans, so we can still take advantage of grilling without having to go outside!

Mr. Bar-B-Q

Mr. BBQ has tons of cool grilling products for the pro or novice griller. Mr. Bar-B-Q is the world’s leader in innovative barbecue accessories, turning backyard grilling into effortless cooking. We are continually providing new experiences for all types of grillers. Our company provides everything a backyard grilling enthusiast needs for their BBQ toolbox – from deluxe tool sets and brushes to grilling accessories such as a Beer Can Chicken Roaster and Grill Stone Pizza Sets. Founded in 1972, Mr. Bar-B-Q has been committed to providing consumers innovative, superior quality products at an excellent value. Most importantly, we pride ourselves in offering 'Everything for the Grill™' making our product line more diverse, expansive and interesting than any other brand. To meet and exceed consumer expectations, we are constantly adapting to market trends and regularly introducing new products that enhance the grilling experience!

We were pretty excited to receive a couple of cool products from Mr. BBQ to check out. We received two very important and practical items for the cooler weather months- a grill cover, and a reversible grill pan/griddle.

We received this awesome Camo-Q Grill Cover- large enough to fit a standard gas grill.

I'm not super into camo, but my brother-in-law is, and when I saw this, I couldn't help but think about what an awesome gift this would make for him! He doesn't typically do the cooking or grilling, but I knew he'd love to see this beauty covering his precious grill out in the backyard!

Protecting your grill is super important. We haven't done a stellar job of that with our own grill, and we are definitely starting to see the wear on it because of that. This Camo-Q Grill cover is perfect for guys or gals who love camo and love to grill. It's great for the backyard grill, or for camping. It protects your grill from the harsh elements- like rain and winter weather.

Camo designed for the true outdoorsman
Protect your grill from the elements
Eco-tech™ material is 100% PVC free
Heavy-duty polyester with weather resistant coating
Thick lining won't rip, tear or crack in cold weather
Velcro closure straps for a secure fit
Universal size, fits most gas grills
Lifetime warranty
Product Dimensions:
65 in. x 25 in. x 40 in.

I'll be so excited to share this awesome grill cover with Cory this Christmas, and can't wait to see the look on his face when he opens it! I know he'll want to run right home to Oklahoma so he can get that baby on his grill!

We also received this lovely Reversible Cast Iron Griddle from Mr. BBQ!

I have two cast iron grill pans, and love using them, but they sure are heavy, and they are a pain to get out and put away. The Cast Iron Griddle from Mr. BBQ is so neat- you can use it on your gas stove top, or you can use it on your grill. You know how stuff sort of falls through the grill racks sometimes, when you have friends or family over? Use the griddle or grill pan on the grill rack, and you won't have to worry about that. You'll get the same great grilled food on the grill pan side, and you can flip it over to the griddle side to grill all sorts of things like veggies, eggs, bacon, pancakes, etc!

The smooth griddle allows you to grill all sorts of foods!

Reversible Cast Iron Griddle, 10.5 in x 10.5 in
Item No: 08102X
Grill steaks and burgers using the grooved side then flip to the flat side for pancakes, frying eggs and more 
Great for camping and tailgating
Raised edges catch grease and prevents flare-ups
Pre-seasoned and ready to use
Commercial grade cast iron distributes head evenly to cooking surfaces
Lifetime warranty

My husband loves grilling steaks and veggies, so this is an awesome gift for him!

Mr. BBQ has a whole bunch of great grilling products and accessories that would be perfect for the Grill Master or Chef in your life!

Roasting Basket

Stone Cleaner

Oval Grilling Dish

Grilling Gloves

Burgers on the Go

Want them? Get them!

Head on over to Mr. BBQ for even more great gift ideas and products for grilling! Connect with Mr. BBQ on Facebook and Twitter.

Special thanks to Mr. BBQ for allowing me to share about these great grilling products this holiday season! Mr. BBQ is a sponsor of the MBP Holiday Gift Guide.

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