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Rock the Holidays with the Rockestra by B. Toys #Review #MBPHGG15

Thank you to B. Toys for providing me with product free of charge, in exchange for my honest review. All thoughts and opinions shared are my own.

The holidays are here, and I have been keeping my eyes peeled for the perfect holiday gifts for B! This will be his last Christmas as an only child, and I want it to be one to remember. There are a lot of toys flooding the holiday ads, but I tend to lean more toward educational toys. My little guy loves to rock and roll, so I have been looking for toys that will help him to explore his love for music. B comes from a musical family, so it's no surprise that he loves to create his own music. We don't have room for a piano in our house, and B is really interested in every instrument out there... we don't have room for those, either! B's grandpa is pianist and his daddy is a bass trombonist, so his love for music knows no bounds!

I looked to B. Toys for an answer to our musical problem. I was first introduce to B. Toys by a friend when they bought Ba cute set of baby blocks a few years ago. If you don't know much about B. Toys, here's a bit more about them...

We don’t spend a lot of time thinking about how things are supposed to be.

Instead, we create toys that inspire individuality.

The designs don’t line up with mathematical precision.

The look, feel and function are inspired by the world around us. By our children’s faces. Our dreams. Our own childhoods. Our travels. By Peruvian textiles and New England foliage. By a pretty bar of soap that gave us a moment of delight.

Our process? Part joy. Part love. Part mischief. Part serendipity.

You’ll notice even our packaging feels a little different, both in your hands and to the Earth. We try to make life easier for moms and dads whenever possible. And our commitment to children goes well beyond the one chasing his sister around the house with one of our drumsticks.

At the end of the day, our goal is to be bigger than a toy company.

We want to be a voice to children that says it’s okay to be curious, to be pensive, to be loud, to be happy and sad all at the same time, to be generous, to be afraid, to be quiet, to be wild, to be fun, to be open, to be scientific, to be poetic, to be giddy, to be serious, to be smart, to be free, to be you.

Just B. Just you. B. you.

B. has a lot of really cool toys. We have our own B. Toys wish list for B, and probably will for our baby once they arrive. Next Christmas should be fun! We also have a sweet little niece who would love to learn and explore with B. Toys. For my own sweet little music maker, I was excited to learn about the Rockestra.

We received our own Rockestra to check out and make some fun music together!

B was over the moon excited to see the Rockestra! He was immediately intrigued by it, and wanted to start making music. He thought the pieces with the instruments on them were so cool. He knew all of the instruments, of course, and went straight for the drums and guitar. 

The Rockestra by B. is so cool! It's small enough to fit in your child's lap, so they can play and create music whenever they like. The music base is like an orchestra stage, complete with instruments for a really cool show. The Rockestra feature seven instruments. You can use them one at a time, or six at a time to create a rockin' sound all your own.

Check out some of the instruments of the Rockestra- lots of keyboard, drums, guitars and strings!

The instrument pieces are small, and fit in the palm of my hand. Strings are my favorite!

Each instrument piece represents the instruments sounds. I particularly like the strings, while B likes the guitars. The instruments are place on the Rockestra base as your child likes. They can get super creative and mix different instruments together to hear some really cool jams! The Rockestra features fifteen musical tracks that can auto-play, or be played manually. There is a 'next' button, so your child can skip ahead to different songs, or go back to the ones they discover they really like.

Such a fun, unique design for kids!

The Rockestra has really gotten B interested in creating his own music. He loves to hear all of the different instruments coming together at once. His daddy really likes to play with this toy with B. They love to add and remove instruments to explore sounds and listen for different instruments. B loves the songs that play through the Rockestra, and loves to sing along with them. There's one song that's particularly rockin', and he listens to it over and over again.

The Rockestra lights up when the music is playing!

This toy is so cool- the Rockestra base lights up like a stage during a concert! The lights go between different colors for a cool look. B loves to turn out all the lights and put on a rock concert for his stuffed animals... and his little baby sis to be!

The Rockestra in rock action!

The Rockestra isn't just kid friendly, it's parent-friendly, too! There are easy to use buttons, so the kids can operate them with ease. There are volume buttons to turn the sound up or down. There is also a headphone jack, so kids can create music with the headphones on, and mom doesn't wind up with a headache (Good thinkin', B.). The Rockestra takes 6 AA batteries, which are easy to replace when needed.

Check out the video to see just how much this toy rocks!

We think the Rockestra is a lot of fun. B loves to play with it while I'm cooking dinner. He'll bring it into the kitchen and sit on the floor with it, and give me a concert while I cook. He's engaged, entertained, and he's learning a lot when he plays with this toy. It makes me very happy to see him exploring music this way! This is the ultimate cool holiday gift for kids who love to create and are interested in music. It's perfect for ages 3+.

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Details of the B. Toys Rockestra

7 instruments. Play just 1, or any 6 at once. The same song sounds different every time you play it. (Aren’t you different every time you play it?)

7 instruments and 15 songs. Millions of musical combinations!
Choose from lead guitar, bass guitar, rhythm and acoustic guitar, drums, strings, keyboard and vocals. All sounds were professionally recorded.
Stage lights up like a million dollar stage show. No roadies necessary.
Learn about different instruments and how they sound together.
Included concert notes give you all the lyrics so you can sing along.
Auto-off saves the artistic mind that's wrapped up in the music. Headphone jack saves mom’s mind on the 57th time that song is played.

B. Toys are so imaginative and awesome. B always wants to look at these toys when we see them in the toy aisles of our local stores. They have wonderful toys for babies, toddlers and older kids, too. I know we'll be adding even more B. Toys to our holiday wish lists for the kiddos in the coming years, and gifting some to friends and family, too!

Other cool gift options from B. Toys

Meowsic (We have this and love it!)

Dr. Dr. (We also have this set and love it!)

One, Two Squeeze (these are the blocks I mentioned- love them, too!)

Want it? Get it!

Head on over to B. Toys to see even more awesome toys and browse or do some holiday shopping. You can find these award-winning toys on Amazon, and in stores like Target and Barnes and Noble.
You can connect with B. Toys on Facebook, and YouTube.

Special thanks to B. Toys for allowing me to review and share about their wonderful toys this holiday season!

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