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Laughing and Learning All the Way with LeapFrog: LeapTV #Review #Holiday15 #LeapFrogMomSquad

I received product, free of charge in exchange for my honest review, as part of the LeapFrog Mom Squad Program. All thoughts and opinions shared are my own.

Are you dreaming of dashing through the stores this holiday season? I have a great idea for a holiday gift your kids will absolutely love! We're big fans and supporters of LeapFrog products in our house, and have been loving them, and playing with them since my son was just a few months old. LeapFrog continues to develop smart, fun, and educational toys, books, and games for kids of all ages. 

As part of the LeapFrog Mom Squad, we've been receiving some awesome LeapFrog products to test out. See some of our other LeapFrog reviews! During the month of November, we were sent a special surprise- our very own LeapTV System! As you could imagine, we had a very happy little boy at our house, upon opening up our latest package from LeapFrog!

Introducing LeapTV by LeapFrog!

We were lucky enough to receive a LeapTV System, as well as four LeapTV games from our friends at LeapFrog! Now, we were already semi-familiar with motion-sense games for the TV, so we figured this probably worked similarly to those. First things first, we needed to check out the contents of the box.

LeapTV is brightly packaged, as are all LeapFrog products.

The back of the box shows children playing and enjoying their LeapTV, which just excited B even more! He couldn't wait for us to get it all set up.

I thought it would be best to wait for my husband to get home to help us with set-up. I probably could have done it by myself, but I'd rather he mess with the TV, so I don't mess anything up!

LeapTV comes with these parts shown here- note that it doesn't come with a game, those are sold separately.

LeapTV includes the game console, a base to set it on, a motion sense camera, and one controller. Additional controls can be purchased separately, if you have more than one child. For now, we just need one controller- thank goodness.

Here are the contents of the LeapTV- cords, game pieces, and instructions for set up and play.

Once hubby hooked up the LeapTV, we followed the on screen instructions to set it all up.

We also set up the motion play, so B could get to playing his new games right away.

We got so many cool games, but B knew which one he just had to check out first: Blaze and the Monster Machines!

The Blaze game is really cool, and B couldn't wait to check it out.

B loves the Blaze character, so it's no surprise that he wanted to play this game first. Each game includes a small game cartridge, similar to those that you'd use for the LeapPad, only a bit larger than those- they are not compatible with other LeapFrog devices. These games are made specifically for LeapTV. The Blaze game is suited for ages 3-5. B just turned five, but I have a feeling he'll be playing this game for a long while!

All LeapTV games are learning games- they are awesome!

B loves the Blaze game so much- it's by far his favorite. He loves to join in on the race course, and collect coins. The Blaze game is designed to help young children learn math and science, and hones in on counting, and more! Blaze and the gang can jump through hoops and do cool stunts in the Blaze game, which B thinks is totally awesome. 

Go Blaze, and go B!

The controller is easy to use, and easy to B to hold.

The controller can be positioned two different ways- folded over, or lengthwise. It also has a strap that can go around the wrist, and tightened, so it doesn't fly off while game playing. B doesn't like to wear it around his wrist, but I certainly don't want to risk the controller flying and crashing into the television screen.

We also received LeapFrog Letter Factory.

B loves Tad and Lily, so this is a great game for him. He's still learning how to read, and this game is geared toward his age group, and focuses on the alphabet, word building, spelling, and phonics. He loves letter tracing on his LeapPad, and he can do the same thing with this game on LeapTV, though I do have to say that it's much more challenging, because you have to hold the controller in just the right place to get the motion sense to pick it up correctly.

We received a super cool FROZEN game, too!

We love Frozen, and this math game is so much fun! It's geared toward older kiddos, ages 5-7. It helps with number  sequences, price value, shapes, addition and subtraction, and more, which are all things that B has been working on at school. The game features all of our favorite characters from FROZEN, too!

B's second favorite game has dot to be Doodle Craft!

This was the last game we opened to check out, but it's by far one of the coolest! In this game, you use the controller to doodle and draw, and then the game brings your drawings to life. Draw a house, and place it in the Doodle Craft town! Draw your own characters, too! This is definitely a creative game, but I love that B can express his creativity. He is starting to show an interest in drawing, which I am thrilled about. It also gives him a glimpse of what life as an architect or engineer or even an animator might look like. So many possibilities! Even hubby and I have fun with this game, because the sky is the limit as to what you can create and insert into your very own world!

LeapTV™ Educational, Active Video Gaming System
Features of LeapTV

Ages 3-8 yrs. Educational Gaming System
Get minds & bodies moving! Gaming just got smarter with the easy-to-play video gaming system that sets learning in motion.

What's in the box

• LeapTV console
• Console stand
• Motion-sensing camera
• Camera mount
• 1 transforming controller with wrist strap
• 6' HDMI cable
• AC power adapter
• Built-in Wi-Fi plus Ethernet port
• 16GB memory

Bonus game
Pet Play World (with registration)*

There are over 100 games and apps available for the LeapTV, and three ways to play! This is perfect for younger and older children. They can play together, or play individually! B has already added other LeapTV games to his Christmas list- I can't wait to see his face when he opens up the Ultimate Spider Man game for LeapTV on Christmas morning!

Pointer Play

Want it? Get it!

LeapTV retails for about $99.99, and is available over at LeapFrog. Head over there to learn more about this awesome educational gaming system for kids (it's educator approved, and mommy approved, as well! You can also purchase LeapTV and LeapTV games at various retailers. Check your favorite stores for availability. Connect with LeapFrog through Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and YouTube. Any child would be thrilled to find LeapTV under the tree this Christmas! Be sure to check it out!

Special thanks to LeapFrog for allowing us to try and share about the LeapTV System.

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