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Fitness Friday: A Little Laugh

Ok everyone, since my fitness schedule is a little um, slack, this time of year, I thought I'd share a fitness-related funny (and also one of my weirder quirks!).

The treadmill dot pattern...
My job totally gets in the way of my workout routine. Why you ask? I'm too busy? Nope. I can't afford a gym membership? Not it either

The real reason is that as a graphic designer, noticing how things balance and are arranged is like breathing to me - I can't not! So during my treadmill time, I'm busy adjusting the incline to make a little picture with the progress bars instead of concentrating on a good workout. Yes, I do know I'm crazy! 

Do you have any weird fitness related habits? Share them with me in the comments!

PS: It's hard to take a photo of the treadmill while actually walking on it!

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