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Disney Feature and Holiday Gift Guide 2015: Southern Bow Charm {Review} #disney #southernbowcharm

One of my favorite parts about planning and going to Disney is choosing the outfits my kids will wear. I love seeing all of the unique options parents choose for the children to wear in the parks each day. For all of our Disney trips, I have had themed clothing for my kiddos to wear, and this time was no exception.
I have used ETSY many times before and always have been thrilled with what I have been able to find. Handmade, adorable, amazing quality items, that you can only find on Etsy shops are some of my favorite things. I, of course, headed to Etsy to plan clothing for our most recent Disney trip. I was so excited to find this next Etsy shop and even more excited when they agreed to partner with us for our Disney feature.
Southern Bow Charm is an adorable Etsy shop that opened in mid-2015 and has had a strong start. It is a mother and daughter team, who are based in Dallas, Texas, and love creating pieces for both women and children. They have had over 250 sales and already have received a 5 star rating.
I originally contacted Sarah, the co-owner of Southern Bow Charm, in late August to inquire about some really neat Princess inspired tank tops. I was hoping that she would be able to make something similar in child sizes, because it was just what I was looking for, for the girls.
I had included information about MBP as well, with a thought that maybe Sarah would also be interested in partnering with us on the Disney feature. Sarah quickly got back to me and it was a YES for both, I was so excited! After meeting with her mom and discussing what they had in mind for us, and by the end of September we had a plan going. I couldn't wait to see everything in person and show it off in Disney, I knew it would be such a hit with everyone.
As I began packing for Disney, I could only dream of how cute the items from Southern Bow Charm would be. Pretty soon a large package arrived in our mailbox and we were anxious to see all the goodies!  
Our Southern Bow Charm package is here!!
Inside I found all these nicely wrapped gifts, ready for us to discover. 
There was also a short note on how to best take care of all of our new things.
The first item we opened....
A gorgeous black tank for S, with a glittery magical slipper on the front
and a big, beautiful blue bow on the back.
The tank was very soft and the printing was high quality. The bow was just an adorable addition to set the tank apart from every other tank out there, but is also easily removable.
Front view with Mike
Back view with Sully
We got so many compliments on her tank. It was an extra special top for our S and Southern Bow Charm really made it exactly to her personality. I can't thank Sarah and her mom enough for this precious top that made S unique all day long!
The next item...
Two cute stretchy headbands for the girls.
These pink and white polka dot bows are sewn onto a thick, black headband (more of the ear warmer winter style). It is stretchy and fits both girls without any issues.
The girls love wearing these bows for all occasions, today it was playing cheerleaders.
Our goodies continued...
A simple, yet unique white tank for C, with a glittery pink wand and "little princess" text.
and the signature big bow on the back. C loved this so much!
The tank is a loose fitting tank, but super comfortable and easy for a 2 year old to wear. She can sometimes complain about tags and such, but this shirt gave her NO issues.
Front view of a tired 2 year old
Back view of a curious 2 year old
C rocked being a "little princess" the whole day. She got so many compliments on how she was a little princess. I loved the glittery wand, she loved it all! Sarah and her mom somehow nailed both my girls personality with their individual tanks, they are pretty amazing!
And just when I thought the goodies were through, I got my own surprise!
A beautiful Mommy tank for me! With the text Dream, Wish, Believe and a glittery star, I can be a big kid who loves Disney too!
A comfortable white tank with gold and silver designs and a big beige/tan bow to accent the front.
Somehow I didn't get any pictures of myself in my tank, I guess when you are the main photographer that happens. I wore a white cami underneath my Southern Bow Charm tank and it was the perfect combination. I can't believe how many people stop and ask you where you get your specialty Disney clothing. I was so happy to share that we found ours on Etsy at Southern Bow Charm.
Thank you so much to Sarah and her mom at Southern Bow Charm for going above and beyond to provide us with amazing items for our Disney trip. My girls looked adorable and I loved how we all had a unique look but still had ability to match with our bows. I know we will wear them again next summer, even when we aren't hanging out at Disney!
Want It? Buy It!
You can find so many items at Southern Bow Charm on Etsy. They are currently on a break for the holidays, but will be back soon creating even more amazing things. Please keep them in mind for all your clothing searches, especially for a trip to Disney!

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