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Change Your Shell, Not Your Handbag- Miche Holiday #Review

Thank you to Dare Robertson, Independent Miche M-bassador, for providing me with product, free of charge, in exchange for my honest review. All thoughts and opinions shared are my own.

Presented by Dare Robertson, Independent Miche Representative, and MBP Spotlight Sponsor

Okay girls, how many times have you uttered the phrase, 'Just a second... I'm changing my handbag,' when your hubby or someone else is waiting on you to leave the house? It's a pretty common happening at my house- or at least, it used to be. I love handbags, and love collecting them, but most of them are collecting dust, because ever since I became a mom, I just don't have time to swap out my handbag every other day. I wish I had time to coordinate my handbag with my outfits- I used to love doing that, but now that time is better spent with my family- or running to the next event life has in store. 

Have you heard of Miche? Miche makes is easy for you to change the look of your handbag, without actually changing your handbag. Say what? I know, strange concept, but stick with me, here... you'll be glad you did! At MBP, we're super lucky to be connected with an awesome Miche Consultant, Dare Robertson. Dare is a Carolina girl (like me!), and has a true passion for sharing her love for Miche with her friends and customers. This holiday season, I was lucky enough to be able to work with Dare on a Miche feature, and was so excited!

I was already a fan of Miche. I had a Prima Bag Base (which is their tote sized bag), and loved, loved, loved it... and then I added so much weight to my bag, that the loop for the purse strap/handle came off. Oops! Dare was able to get me a replacement bag, at no cost to me. That's how much she cares about her customers... this girl will work to make sure you're happy! Thank you, Dare!

About Miche

Miche was born in 2007 and has become a fashion sensation around the US and the world! Since our launch, our signature line of magnetic interchangeable handbags has expanded to four sizes. The overall fashion line continues to grow and includes a variety of specialty bags, wallets and other accessories.

Unique interchangeable components mean you can design a custom bag that expresses your personality and style–in just minutes! We can also help you style your futures when you become an Independent Miche M-Bassador.

Here are the pieces I received from Miche/Dare: The Prima Base Bag w/handles, and the Verve Shell.

Each of the components of my Miche Bag were protected by being wrapped in plastic. I appreciated that they were covered up, and not just thrown into a box, where they could become damaged during shipping.

Let's take a firsthand look at how Miche bags work, shall we?

Start with a base bag. This is the Prima, the largest available base bag size from Miche.

Size is everything, and if I had my way, I would own all four sizes of the Miche base bags- Petite, Demi, Classic, and Prima. Different occasions call for different sized bags, in my opinions. Headed out on a date with the hubs? The Demi bag or even the Petite bag would be great options, because they are smaller. The Classic bag is a great size, too- my mom has a classic bag, and loves it, but she has said a time or two that she'd like a Prima bag for the extra room. I agree with her- classic is a great size, but if you're a fan of large bags, Prima is the way to go.

The base bag gives you everything you need for a great handbag, and can be used on its own, without a shell covering it.

What makes the base bag unique, is that it's basically the whole of your purse. The top is lined with two magnetic strips, which will allow you to attach a shell (bag cover). Pretty, clever, huh? You can virtually change the look of your bag in a matter of seconds, without ever having to 'change your handbag.' 

The inside of the base bag.

The inside of the Prima base bag is so roomy! Seriously, I will also be using this as my diaper bag after baby S is born this spring, because the Prima bag can handle it! There is a zip pocket inside of the base bag, as well as two inner side pockets, which are perfect for keys, holding your phone, etc.

These are the black handles with silver hardware that came with my Prima base bag.

The base bag contains four loops that sit atop the magnetic closure area. Simply connect the bag handles through the loops, using the O rings. You can mix and match your handles- changing them out is as easy as changing your shell.

Just a quick loop through, and the handles are connected.

Once the base bag is assembled, it's ready to go.

Doesn't the prima base bag look fabulous all on its own? The Prima Base Bag is $29.99. In my opinion, it doesn't need a shell- it can be your basic black, everyday bag, as is... however, we all want a little extra fabulousness in our lives from time to time, which is why the concept of the Miche shells is so fantastic.

Let's get wild! Meet Verve, a gorgeous shell for the Miche Prima Bag!

Details of the Verve Prima Shell

Type: Prima Faces
Black faux leather with leopard print piecing, eyelet lacing and tie detail; silver hardware; rectangle bottom; front slip pocket.

Base Bag and handles not included.

Here's a look at the inside of the Verve Prima Shell- nice and roomy, just like the base bag.

So, here's how you change the look of your Miche Bag. Simply open up the inside of your shell, and place your base bag down inside of it.

Next, match up the magnetic strips across the top of the base bag and the shell.

Fold the top strip on the shell over, until it attaches via magnet to the base bag.

And voila! You have completely changed the look of your handbag!

I can't even tell you how easy it is to change your bag when you have Miche bases and faces or shells. Mix and match the shells and handles to create a customized look, all your own! The Verve shell is just gorgeous! It looks a little wild, but let me tell you, it's super classy and stylish. I love having the Prima Bag with me for a day out to run errands, shop, or whathaveyou. I can tote along everything I need in the Prima. As a mom, I love having extra room for those, 'Mom, will you hold this for me?' moments.

Here I am, with my Miche Prima Bag, with Verve Shell, ready to head out to run some errands while B is at school. Sorry- no time for make up! It looks great, however, with a simple over sized chambray shirt and leggings. Stylish, sassy, and smart!

I love that Miche is so fun, functional and affordable. Sure, I could ask for an overpriced handbag that everyone else in my town is carrying... or I could be different, and ask for Miche shells. Miche is a smart investment. It'll save you tons of money through the years, and the shells are beautiful! Once you experience a Miche handbag, you'll want to tell everyone you know about it! The first time I carried a Miche bag, I had so many women asking me about it, and commenting on how beautiful the bag was. Once they saw how it worked, they were amazed! My mom and sister love Miche, too, and I love being able to gift them with new shells for Christmas, birthdays, etc. They make great gifts! Plus, Miche has tons of cool accessories, too!

Check out some of these awesome Miche Shells and Accessories...

Studio Prima (Yes, please!)

Hampton Luxe- Classic

Noble- Petite

Metro Clutch

Dare Scarf

 Check out the Take 2 Special Offer!

Beginning Dec 15th, purchase a Take 2 Bundle (base and 2 covers) and when you do, you will have the option to add a mystery box of 3 additional covers for only $10.00! Wowza, what a deal! Any orders over $100 get free shipping!

Want it? Get it!

I cannot say enough good things about Miche, and about Dare. If you're looking to make a Miche purchase, please either shop Dare's personal Miche website, or get in touch with her. Dare is so sweet, she's part of an incredible team, and she'd love to have the chance to tell you more about Miche, and the Miche opportunity, if you're looking for a little side business, or a new career! Be sure to connect with Dare through her Miche Facebook page- Change Your Shell, so you can be kept updated on special sales and deals from Miche! Want to earn free Miche? Host a show with Dare! Feel free to leave Dare comments on this post, of you have any questions about how to order, the Miche products, or the Miche business opportunity!

Special thanks to Dare for allowing me to share about her wonderful business and products this holiday season. Miche by Dare is a sponsor of the MBP Holiday Gift Guide.

Stay stylish,

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