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A PERFECT gift for your 4 legged Doggie Children this holiday season and all year long! Pet treater monthly Box # Review

Meet Sookie. My 4 legged baby girl! She was SO excited to get this package. I wish I would have videoed her when we opened it!!

This was what we saw when we opened the cardboard box. Hello ADORABLE! The kids and I LOVE the bright colored box! It makes it feel so special for Sookie! It's not just treats thrown in a box!
The cuteness didn't stop there! Look at the tissue paper!

And Sookie got a letter! Not only does your dog get pampered with a box of goodies, for each box bought, a dog or cat at a local animal shelter will be treated with a new treat, toy, or blanket!!!
Now for the goodies. As soon as we opened the box, Sookie started dancing in circles! She was SO excited! We think it was for these treats! She LOVES them!!!

We had to take a moment from opening to immediately give them to her! My husband and I were dying laughing later on in the evening... When Sook gets a treat, we usually call her into the kitchen and get one down from the top of the fridge for her. Well all night long, she kept just walking into the kitchen and sitting in front of the fridge waiting to be given a treat. She has NEVER done this before!!! So they must be quite tasty!
A Nylabone. She LOVES this too!

Also included was a Purina Busy Bone. We haven't opened this one yet, but she has had them before and loves them! We usually give her one of these when we know we will be gone for awhile and she will be home alone. It gives her something to do besides stalk our mailman! LOL

And a super cool dog leash light. After I convinced my 5 year old son that it wouldn't give him super powers to fly, we put it on her leash. It is GREAT for night walks! My oldest daughter who usually does the nightly walks with Sookie said it made her feel safer walking when it was getting dark.

And a FOOT BATH!!!! I am SO excited about this! A simple, easy way to clean her muddy feet, YES PLEASE! =)

And there was a little treat for me. A cute little magnet tree. Of course above mentioned oldest daughter cabbaged on to it and took it and put it in her locker. She says it's awesome =)
One last thing from inside Sookie's box... perhaps the most important thing in the box for her... A NEW SQUEAKER TOY!!
She LOVES this raccoon! It squeaks from the belly and the tail. She has drug this thing around, flipped in up in the air and caught it, played fetch with us with it, and even took it to cuddle with in bed last night!
As a bonus, we also received this super soft pet bed for her! Right now they are running the deal of a FREE pet bed with your first order!! Just use code PT-BED at checkout!
Sookie was one SUPER HAPPY girl with this box! There are so many goodies!
Check out the Video all about Pet treater!
There are so many different plans !
You can try it for 1 month, or do subscriptions for 3, 6, or 12 months!
I value our box to have about $90 worth of goodies in it! So for just a one month plan, that's a HUGE savings!!!!
At Pet Treater, They believe that
Our pets are part of our family, and we work hard to provide the best for them.
As pet fanatics ourselves, we felt compelled to share with the world a thoughtfully
curated box of items that will surely delight you and your pets.
We're also conscious when it comes to our wallets, so you can be 100% confident that
each box you receive will be worth far more than the price of your subscription. Guaranteed.
Is a monthly ONLINE service!
And keep up with all things Pet Treater by following them on
Check them out! I guarantee your dog baby will not be mad that you did!!! =)

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