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Top Gifts for Car Enthusiasts

The holidays are a wonderful time of year, the season of giving. It can be difficult, however, to find just the right gift for a special friend or family member. When thinking about someone's hobbies or interests, you might want to get something that they'll be able to use and enjoy. Most teens through adults are very attached to their cars, and love driving. Folks who spend a lot of time in their cars might appreciate a gift that they could use while they're in their cars.

Here are some top gift ideas for car lovers...

Heated Massage cushions.

 For someone who may spend a lot of time on the road (think gifts for commuters) due to work or leisure, they may experience stiffness in their backs from sitting down for long periods of time. A heated massage cushion is a great idea to add extra support and comfort to the driver or passenger seat. The heat and massage mechanism can work out muscle kinks, and make for a much smoother trip. They might also be much appreciated during the winter months, when it's chilly in the car.

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GPS System

A GPS system is a great gift for anyone who loves travel and adventure. Most drivers feel more comfortable when they have reliable directions to their destination. In many cases, GPS accessed via smart phone can be inaccurate, or the connection can cut out if the driver enters a dead zone. Since GPS runs via satellite signals, you don't have to worry about losing directions. Using your phone for directions can also be distracting. With a GPS device, you can add the address of the destination before you get on the road, not having to worry about it while driving. Phone maps/direction use can eat into your phone's data plan, as well.

Bluetooth Hands free Set

In many states, it is now illegal to be holding a cell phone in hand while driving. Text messaging while driving is also illegal in most states. Distracted driving is dangerous, and a great gift for someone who loves to hit the road, is a hands-free device, which allows them to make, answer calls, and talk on the phone while driving, while keeping both hands on the wheel and eyes on the road at all times. 

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Auto care kit

For those drivers who really love their cars, and love to keep them in pristine condition, an auto care kit is a thoughtful gift. You can purchase kits that are already put together, or you can put one together yourself. Smart items to include would be auto wash, wax, soft sponges, microfiber cloths, glass cleaner, tire shine, leather protector, air freshener, a mini vac, etc. You can bundle it all up in a bucket or small was tub that you can pick up at a budget store. Wrap it up like a gift basket with cello wrap and a big bow for extra wow factor.

Gift cards

You can't go wrong with a gift card. Some people think that giving gift cards as gifts is taking the easy way out, but in truth, many people would rather receive gift cards than receive something they won't use. Gift card choices are endless for those who spend a lot of time on the road. Gift cards to restaurants or coffee shops are always appreciated, as are gift cards for gas stations, and stores or outlet centers. These gifts can be used anytime, no matter where the recipient is.

These thoughtful gifts for auto lovers will no doubt be appreciated during the holiday season and beyond.

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