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These are socks your kids will LOVE to get it their stocking!!! #Review Socks In Stock

i received one or more pair of socks at no charge in exchange for my honest opinion. all opinions expressed are my own. your experience may differ.

We LoVe, lOvE, LOVE socks in our house!! So when i found a website filled with just socks, i was THRILLED!!

As were the monkeys! Yay! Our socks are here!!

Each of my 3 monkeys got to pick out 2 pairs of socks. This in it self took FOREVER! there are SO many cute styles and colors of socks on Socks In Stock !

At Socks in Stock they are passionate about socks! From basic styles to boot socks to the latest fashions-they have every foot covered!

Being in the sock business for 70 years, we pride ourselves in selling quality socks and tights at competitive prices. That's why we stand behind our socks with a 
100% satisfaction guarantee.

So excited for new socks! Socks are no joke in my family. The kids LOVE them!!

Little Man picked first. He picked

He of course had to model right away. He loves these ones because he says they look like he has Lego's on his feet =)

Little M picked her's next. She picked these two sets.

And of course the modeling of her feet!!

Miss M (not photographed due to teenage crabbiness! LOL) picked these socks.

Now i don't wear the footie socks, but my oldest daughter swears these are THE BEST socks like this she has ever had! She said they stay on nice and secure and don't slide around or fall off her heel at all!

They carry all sorts of socks in  Baby, Kids, Women's, Men's, Medical, Outdoor, Organic, Seamless and Uniform. They also have a sale section.

Here's some of the other great Socks they carry!!!

And SOOOOOO much more!! These are the most bright, vivid colored socks I have ever seen. The quality is amazing at a price that can't be beat! They even offer free shipping on an order over $35 and shipping is only $3.99 on anything less than $35!

Check out all they have to offer in their online store !

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