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Seasonal Selections from Candlewick Press #Review

Seasonal titles from Candlewick arrived at our door!
Whether you've got some shopping to do or just want to stock up your child's bookshelf with reading material related to the festive season, Candlewick Press has you covered!

We were thrilled to receive four beautiful hardback books to review and share with you. Books are one thing I think there should never be a limit on! (Does anyone else remember carefully marking your selections in the school book fair pamphlet and agonizing over the decision for hours? Maybe that was just me...). 

WHOOOSH! BEEP! The book is full of good sound words.
Mr. G immediately opened up The Little Snowplow and wanted me to read him the classic "I think I can" story. This wonderful preschool title by Lora Koehler and illustrated by Jake Parker, will last all Winter!

The embossed cover of Snow
Next up, we peered into the pages of Snow, which explores the magic of a snow day and the importance of family. 

What's that white stuff in the sky?
Mr. G has just learned to call grandpa "Papa" so this story, by Sam Usher, was fun for us to read. Next up as a whimsical illustration book based on the idea of home, which is also the title. 

No matter what it looks like, home is home!
I absolutely adored this book, and had so much fun telling Mr. G about all the types of home. Carson Ellis' lovingly drawn collection of visuals is great for older toddlers, school kids, and adults. 

Is your home under the sea?
I know we will treasure Home for years to come and I highly recommend picking up your own copy!

Mr. G has a stuffed lion that is basically the size of him, so I knew Counting Lions would be a hit. 

Featuring beautiful charcoal drawings of ten endangered creatures
Written by Katie Cotton and illustrated by Stephen Walton, this gentle counting book will be fun for any age. Mr. G was keenly aware of the highly realistic sketches and wanted me to name each one. 

Seasonal titles from Candlewick Press

Want it? Buy it!

Seasonal titles, as well as essential titles for your bookshelves, are available at candlewick.com.

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