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Random Acts of Kindness Challenge- It's Harder Than it Seems!

At the beginning of this year, I was really excited about the Random Acts of Kindness Challenge. I was excited to challenge myself (and our MBP readers) to do one nice thing for someone everyday this year. At first, it was pretty easy to share a story about kindness I showed another person or the kindness another person showed me, but somewhere along the way the sharing part became kind of repetitive and I neglected posting my experiences.

The last 10 months of purposely seeking a way to make someone smile has been both easy and difficult. Easy, because it really is the small things that matter most sometimes, but difficult because sometimes I forget how much the small things matter and always want to find something a little more "impressive".  Some of the biggest smiles I've seen were because I let the person with fewer items behind me get in line ahead of me or I held the door open for someone who had their hands full. 

A McDonald's Cashier Assists an Elderly Man with His Meal 

I'd just like to encourage you, especially as the holidays are approaching, to take a few minutes to do something kind every day for the rest of the year. There is no such thing as too small when showing someone kindness. Even just listening as a stranger chats you up in the grocery store and offering a smile could change their entire day! Yours too!

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  1. I am going to do Random Acts of Kindness during the Holiday season and I think it is a good thing to do and help bless others!


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