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PlanetBox #Review: Packing Lunch Doesn't Have to be Rocket Science

The first thing I did upon finding out I was pregnant two and a half years ago was look for ways to eliminate toxins from my lifestyle. From the food I ate to food storage, there were a lot of areas that I was potentially absorbing or ingesting chemicals that had no place in my, or my baby's life. This is a continuing process and I'd like to introduce you to my latest find: PlanetBox. 
PlanetBox Rover as it arrived to us
PlanetBox is the custom-designed, all in one solution for packing well-balanced lunches quickly and easily. PlanetBox offers three stainless steel systems specifically tailored for different appetites. I love that it was created by a husband and wife team on a mission to create such a system. More importantly, I love that they chose non-toxic stainless steel, a mainstay of food storage for decades. It’s safe, non-leaching, recyclable, doesn’t pick up other food odors and stains like plastic, and is reusable for years which reduces waste.

Front of the PlanetBox Carry Bag
The first part of PlanetBox is the outside - you can choose a sleeve or carry bag in a variety of colors. The outside has a nice pouch for a water bottle and extra compartment. The inside is where the actual lunch box sits and has a name tag and space for a cold pouch. The material is easy to wipe down if messes occur. 

Inside of the PlanetBox carry bag
The next part is the lunch box itself. You can choose from three "layouts" depending on the meal and user. PlanetBox sent me the Rover, which is perfect for toddler meals on the go, or for parents on a picnic! The Dippers are two containers designed to contain drippy foods such as yogurt or sauces. Dippers are also stainless steel with a food-grade silicone seal.

From the website, lunchbox size choices.

You can add things like utensils,  a water bottle, or cold pack. 

Water bottles. Photo credit: PlanetBox®
Next up is the fun part of your PlanetBox: the magnets. This is a great way for your child to have a say in his or her lunch box. There are more than 30 designs to choose from, including a name tag spot. PlanetBox sent us the dinosaurs and Mr. G loved them! Roaaaar!

Choose a magnet design to customize the fun!
All that's left now is packing your lunch! The portion sized compartments make it easy to get just the right amount of food and prevent overeating or afternoon hunger. Since you can see all the contents at once, it is obvious if something like a veggie or fruit is missing. I love that my little guy can choose from each compartment what he wants to eat. 

Photo credit: PlanetBox®
PlanetBox would make a wonderful upgrade to anyone who dines on the go or needs a little inspiration when it comes to the lunch table. Consider them this holiday season as a gift to bring fun with healthy food options to children and adults. Follow PlanetBox on Pinterest or Facebook for ideas. They even have a meal planning app!

Photo credit: PlanetBox®

Want it? Buy it!

The great folks at PlanetBox are ready for your custom order. Visit their website to get started!

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