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Perfect Fit Protein for a healthier lifestyle! #review

I feel like protein is something I have trouble getting on a regular, daily basis.  I am not much of a breakfast eater and have tried smoothies and just don't like them.  I was excited to receive a sample of Perfect Fit protein to try. Most mornings I will eat some peanut butter because I feel like I need a little jump start.  I received the Vanilla sample and I mixed it with vanilla almond milk...because I had it and I love almond milk.  You can also mix into a smoothie or just mix with water.  When I put the packet in it seemed really thick and I was a little worried about how well it would mix and taste.  I was very surprised at how easy it was to mix it into my almond milk.  I used a small whisk drink mixer and it worked great.  I'm sure shaking it would work just as well.  It smelled really good and looked like a milkshake.  So far, so good!!  I kind of held my breath that first swallow but it was very good!  It had a great creamy vanilla flavor.  This is something I could drink every morning.  If you need some extra protein in your diet, you will want to check out Perfect Fit Protein.  

Sample packet of Perfect Fit Protein Vanilla

Back of package.

I love the simple ingredients


Before mixing the protein powder.

Creamy and vanilla goodness!

What makes Perfect Fit Protein different than other proteins in market? Why did you two ladies decide to create your own line of protein? 

(Karena and Katrina) - Most important to us was creating a product with clean, simple ingredients that included all the certifications (non GMO, organic, gluten free) that made us feel great about putting it into our bodies - and recommending it to our community. We also wanted Perfect Fit Protein to be approachable for women like us. Last but definitely not least - it had to be delicious! I think we did that :)  

What makes the protein "approachable?" 

Approachable means understandable - we wanted to use ingredients that are easy to understand. Our protein features 6 total ingredients, and includes things like Pea and Pumpkin Seed protein, and sea salt. We also wanted the package to clearly highlight the product's certifications and benefits.

Can you provide 5 benefits to using protein? 

1) Tastes amazing and helps curb your sweet tooth! 
2) Helps jump start your metabolism
3) Supports lean muscle growth
4) Aids in recovery
5) Perfect for baking, cooking and making your favorite smoothie! 

How and when do you suggest integrating protein into your daily diet? 

Morning - A Perfect Fit smoothie is great way to start the morning, with protein to fuel you through your day. Its convenient to take on the go and tastes great too!

Post Workout - It’s important to give your body what it needs to help you recover. Having a Perfect Fit Smoothie post workout aids in the recovery process and helps your body build beautiful lean muscle.

Snack - We recommend eating five times a day, and Perfect Fit can be a great snack either mixed with water or almond milk or added to your favorite recipe. Who doesn’t love a Lemon Chia Seed Pancake made with Perfect Fit!?

Where can Perfect Fit Protein products be purchased? 
Perfect Fit is sold through myperfectfit.com and Toneitup.com currently, and costs $49 for a 25 serving tub.


Want it?  Buy it!
Head on over to Perfect Fit Protein and check out the products they have to offer.  You can also connect with them on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram

Special thanks to our friends from Perfect Fit Protein for a wonderful, healthy product.  It has been a pleasure to learn about your products.

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