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Modarri The ULTIMATE toy car!! Give your kids a license to "drive" with just their finger & thumb #Review


Real mechanics – With the combination of patented steering system, real suspension, tight turning radius, and finger sized bucket seat, you can actually drive them like no other car. You can literally feel the road.
Finger drive – With one finger in the seat, whip the car in tight figure 8s, do slalom racing, spin in a circle, make your own course and do time trials, drive over obstacles, With 2 fingers you can drift, do wheelies, jumps, 180 spin outs, invent your own tricks the possibilities are endless

I have two car LOVING kids... so when i read about this company, I knew we HAD to check them out!!! I surprised the kiddos with this Blog Box, they had no idea what was inside. Check out the look of excitement on their faces as they busted open the box!!

They were SO excited!!! Cars that they got to BUILD!!!

Miss MK is 6, Master B is 5, and they put these together on their own!! I had to help Master B with his wheels, but other than that... he did it ALL on his own!

They were SO proud of themselves for building it on their own!!!!

Aren't they sharp?!?!

And not only do they look AWESOME, they have


Total performance. Modarri uses real springs and linkages in the independent front and rear suspensions.


Every piece fits on every car. Swap parts to design your own cool vehicles. Leave off the hood or fender for even more configurations.


Modarri was designed to react to the movement of your hand. It is so responsive you can actually “Feel the Road”

Modarri has nine cars and four accessories to choose from, so no matter what your budget or need, they have you covered.

“Designed by three dads,” begins the glowing Mr.Dad.com review accompanying its Mr. Dad Seal of Approval for Father’s Day 2015, “Modarri cars can be configured and reconfigured in a variety of ways. And when you own more than one model, you can mix and match to your heart’s desire, swapping elements of the chassis, hood, seat pan, seats, fenders, frame and wheels. There’s a lot here for dads to love. First, introducing your kids to the idea of working with their hands is a great way to spend time together. Second, speaking of hands, these cars come with a real suspension, which makes it really fun to steer through the tightest loops and hairpin turns using only your thumb and index finger.”

New for 2015:
·         S1 Beach Cruzer ($19.95)

·         X1 Camo ($19.95)

[These two cars, sold together as a Surf & Turf combo, were one of 18 products named Best Toys for Kids 2015 by ASTRA (American Specialty Toy Retailing Association)]

ü  X1 Fire Body Pack • $10

ü  S1 Chrome Body Pack • $10

ü  Le Mans T1 Body Pack • $10

ü  Wheel Packs • $6

These cool new cars and designs join bestsellers:
·         Combo 3-Pack  $49.95

·         S1 DIY Car (paint it yourself!) • $19.95

·         T1 Track Car • $19.95

·         X1 Dirt Car • $19.95

I am absolutely LOVING these cars!!! I am certain there will be a few more accessories as well as cars under our tree this year!! They opened them 3 days ago and have been playing with them ever since. They have raced the walls, down the stairs, in the backyard, and at the playground! They have switched pieces and tires with each other. They have had a blast with them! I highly recommend checking these cars out! The cars make a great gift for the holidays, and any kid would be excited to have a stocking full of accessories! As a mom, i have seen LOTS of toy cars go in and out over the years... but Modarri cars are extremely well built, with AWESOME graphics, and super durable! I have a gaggle of nephews that are all a little young for these now... but when they are old enough, you better believe Auntie will be hooking them up with these amazing cars!

WANT IT?!?! BUY IT!!!!!!!

Follow them on Facebook , Twitter or Instagram and post your own designs for bragging rights! Look for these car models at Modarri and in stores now. 

All Cars & sets are also available on AMAZON !!!

Don’t forget to register your cars online and visit their website, Modarri, for all car products plus creative ideas to enhance play.

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