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Logo Loops Headbands spread cheer without saying a word #Review

‘Tis the season for Top Ten lists but we bet you’ve never seen one for girls’ headbands! Logo Loops, makers of ready-made and customized cotton/Lycra headband loops, offers girls a way to keep the hair off their face and spread holiday cheer, without saying a word!

Santa is a popular theme on their holiday Top Ten list -- in words and artwork. A blue whale with a jaunty Santa cap, listed on site as “Santa Whale” will make everyone smile. The green lettering on “Santa’s helper” loop is complimented by two red elf shoes! A singing reindeer gets the center spot on the phrase “fa la la la.” No matter which loop you choose (and at a great $13.99 price tag!) the sentiment is the same – happy holidays!

Visit Logo Loops website, and browse the Holiday Loops section full of colorful choices for everyone on your list. 

We were super excited for this package, as i have some serious hair accessory loving girls!!!!

Princess MK was THRILLED with her picks! They are SO cute in person!! The stitching is immaculate, and the actual head bands are super soft, stretchy, and so very comfortable!

My favorite one, I <3 Hot Chocolate!!!

And this, Naughty or Nice could not be more perfect for this one!!! LOL!

The adorable i Love Santa one!!

Each head band has a logo sewn into the back.

About Logo Loops:
It is my pleasure to introduce to you one of the fastest growing trends in girl’s accessories!

Logo loops, LLC produces a custom embroidered cotton/lycra stretch headband as well as “ready made” styles. Each of our headbands is a quality product manufactured and embroidered in our own workshops. Our “loops” can be worn as a fashion statement, sports accessory or team/school/camp spirit-building product. Imagine any young girl that you know rolling out of bed in the morning and popping on one of our headbands – all of the sudden her look is actually pulled – together! That’s the idea! Whether she is wearing a customized loop or ready-made, she is telling all that she is proud of where she belongs, who she is and what she likes!
Hopefully, we can help you to bring pride, spirit and whimsy to the girls in your world! Come on, get in the loop!

More Holiday Loops:

Each band is made of 90% cotton/ 10% Lycra stretch. The headbands are machine washable and can be tumbled dry. Logo Loops ensures that each band maintains its “memory” and is non-slip for girls who are always on the go. Best of all, these stretchy accessories won’t cause a headache unlike stiff wire or plastic headbands. They run 2 1⁄4” wide, the perfect one-size-fits-all.

My 11 year old daughter has already complied a list of about 15 more Logo Loops that she wants! There are Logo Loops for EVERY season, theme, and holiday!


There are also a ton of animals, emjoi's, and other fun things!!! Check out the Style Loops tab!

And in addition to silly, there are Spiritual Loops.

 And there are Sorority Loops!

Not to mention, several different Holiday Loops! There are

SO many loops!!!!

My daughter's love these headbands so much! My oldest says they are her new favorite headband, and she is a take a shower, throw her hair in a pony slap a headband in kind of girl! My girls and I spent forever on the Logo Loops website. They both added about 15 of them to their Christmas Wish List. You will not be disappointed in these super soft and adorable go to hair accessories!

Find Logo Loops in a store near you and online!

Also follow them online on

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