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How To Make Your Home Kiddie Friendly

Having kids is wonderful, however it does mean making some drastic life changes! One of which is your home. Before kids, you could have whatever you wanted in your home! But once you have children, you need you think more tactfully. For everyone to be happy, a family home needs to be safe for children, as well as easy to clean up for adults! Here is how to make your home kiddie friendly.

1. Stair Gates

A vital addition to your home as they are important safety mechanisms for kids. You should put them on any doors for you rooms you don’t want your little ones entering, as well as at the top and bottom of any flights of stairs. The last thing you want is your kids try to clamber up and down stairs on their own!

2. Leather Sofas

Although fabric sofas might be more trendy or fashionable - they just aren’t practical around kids. Leather ones are much more practical because accidents and spillages can be easily mopped up. Rather than staining your expensive suite! La-Z-Boy furniture stores have a range of leather sofas to choose from, which could replace you unpractical fabric suite.

3. Wooden Floors

Though carpets are comfy, wooden floors are much easier to clean mess up from. If you’re worried about kids falling onto the hard floor, buy some cheap rugs to maintain a level of comfort and soften any blows. If you are adamant in keeping carpet, go for a darker colour as a cream carpet definitely won’t be saved after a spillage.

4. Toy Boxes

Get yourself some big toy boxes where you can easily chuck all your child’s toys away when they’re finished playing. Why not choose some trendy looking wooden boxes, instead of the usually plastic containers? These will look more appealing in your house. Also, make sure you pickup big enough boxes, you don’t want to be playing Tetris trying to put the toys away!

5. Plastic Tableware

Many kids will go through a phase of hating dinner time, so if a tantrum occurs and a plate is thrown on the floor - you don’t want it to be a ceramic one! Mainly for their safety, and your hassle. Purchase some plastic tableware to avoid any breakages or unwanted mess.

6. Higher Shelves

Young kids will want to mess with everything they can get their hands on, so if you’re installing shelves or units - make sure they’re out of reach! This means that expensive equipment or dangerous items can be stored safely. Let older children know that they should put anything they don’t want messing with on these shelves or out of reach somewhere. Otherwise it’s their fault if something happens!

7. Locks On Cupboards

There may be cupboards that you don't’ want kids getting into, like tech cupboards or treat cabinets - so get locks installed on these door! This is both for their safety and your time!

Try out these tips for a kiddie friendly home! Got any more ideas? Let me know with a comment.

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