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Getting to Know You Thursday- Vanessa

Hi everyone! I hope you have all been well. Here is what's going on with me this week, be sure to leave a comment and let me know about your week too! 

Good Eats- What's For Dinner Tonight?
It's Drew's birthday, so we are having hot-dogs beans and macaroni for dinner since it's one of her favorites! 

Drew's School Picture!

Whatcha Reading?
I haven't been reading too much lately, but am getting ready to re-read the Damia Willis series that my awesome friend Dana wrote! 

Whatcha Been Watching?
Lately I haven't been keeping up with much of anything, but last night I binge watched the episodes of "The Goldbergs" and "Fresh off the Boat" that have been waiting for weeks in the DVR. Other than that, I have mostly been "watching" whatever Reese is watching in the morning. 

Reese Dressed as Doc McStuffins While Watching Doc McStuffins

What I'm Lovin' this Week...
The "little things". I've been participating in the 30 Days of Thankfulness challenge on Facebook and I love how much it has me focusing on things that I can sometimes take for granted. 

What I'm Looking Forward to...
Surprising Drew tonight with some visitors for her birthday and then for her birthday party on Saturday. 

For catching up with me! What's going on in your world this week? 

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