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Fight Sitting Disease #FitnessFriday

I've made it a goal this year to get myself moving a little more every day and to quit sitting so much. Im not talking running miles or never relaxing but sitting or laying around can lead to obesity, heart disease, diabetes, and depression and I want to start fighting against them. Because of that, I've tried to add some extra movement into my day.

For today's post, I thought I'd list some great tips to help you get a little more movement in your day so you too can help fight sitting disease and all its complications.

  • Walk faster, even if you're just walking to you car, move a little quicker than normal.
  • Take the stairs or walk up the escalator, don't just ride. 
  • If you have extra time on your lunch break, take a quick walk around the office. 
  • Dance whenever you hear music. Even dancing when sitting at a stop light in the car counts!
  • Straighten up your house daily, you don't have to deep clean but just a quick sweep gets you moving!
  • Mow with a push mower.
  • Rake, weed, and sweep your yard by hand, no power blowers or weed whackers.
  • At the office, get up and take a quick walk every 30 minutes or so, nothing huge just a lap or two. 
  • Park far away from the door at the store. 
  • Ride your bike or walk to work if possible. 
  • Dance with your kids.
  • If youre a teacher practice counting with your students while doing small exercises. 

I hope you enjoy, and use, some of these ideas. Here's to our health!! 

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