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Das Boom Industries Body Brick- A stocking stuffer for the men in your life! #HolidayGiftGuide #review

Our family does stockings for everyone, not just the kids. I have to admit, at times it seems harder to think of ideas for my hubby's stocking stuffers than it is for the boys. One thing I have noticed always makes its way into his stocking is some type of body wash, or cologne.

Thank you to Das Boom Industries for providing me with the Body Brick Soap-Infused Body Sponge in exchange for my review. All opinions expressed are 100% my own.

 Das Boom Industries is a men's lifestyle brand that specializes in men's grooming and wellness. The
 Body Brick Soap-Infused Body Sponge was inspired by the technology clean-up efforts during the 2010 BP Oil Spill in the Gulf of Mexico. BeBetterFoam was developed as an environmentally safe method of cleanup. The sponge is made from this non-toxic, plant-based material that repels water while absorbing oil, and grease. The two-in-one body sponge exfoliates and cleanses to save time and keep it simple. 

We received the Kyoto Body Brick Sponge for review. The box described it as crisp, bright, and spicy. My initial thoughts on the packaging was that I liked the neutral coloring  and it was easy to read.  

Top of the box

Back of box

I let Ryan know that he was going to have to help me out for this review. Therefore he got the honor of the big reveal.

Ryan was pretty happy about his "early stocking stuffer."

 I honestly wasn't totally sure what to expect once we got the box open. The first thing we noticed upon opening it was the scent. We both liked it. The Hubby can be sensitive to strong scents, but this didn't bother him at all. The brick definitely had a "manly" look and feel to it. It was a little big for my hand, but perfectly hand-sized for Ryan.

Brick is definitely a perfect description.

There were two body bricks stacked in the box- love that!

After his shower, Ryan let me know that the brick foamed up nicely, and rinsed off great. The scent was nice, not overbearing or "flowery" at all. I noticed that it did dry very quickly which was nice.

Each Body Brick Soap-Infused Body Sponge has a cost of $22, and can be purchased here- http://dasboomind.com/home.   


 Overall I was extremely pleased with Body Brick. It is a practical gift that I can feel good about giving. I will be ordering a couple more of these myself for the little athletes in my household. I'm fairly certain that the one Ryan didn't use was already claimed by Ethan after his football game last weekend, so I could probably end up grabbing Ryan another as well. From what I can tell these should last a while, and no yucky smell like a washcloth can have and leave behind, a great feature when it comes to the boys bathroom where it is necessary to combat odors of all types ALL the time. These will fit nice and neatly into their stockings. : )

 WANT IT?!? BUY IT!!!!

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