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Cute Gifts to Give Siblings

Getting the right Christmas gifts for your kids is always a little difficult. They might write a gift for Santa, but it's not very helpful when half of it is too expensive, and the rest is impossible. Although, I'm sure many parents would source a unicorn for their child if they could! Sometimes, having more than one kids can make the gift buying harder. You don't want there to be competition over who has the best presents. One of the ways to solve this is to get matching or similar gifts, at least for a few of them. So here are my suggestions for cute gifts for sets of siblings.

A Special Day Out

Sometimes when parents have several children, they forget to spend one-on-one time with them. Although it's fun to do things as a family, sometimes kids just want a couple of hours with mom or dad and no one else. It's something that you can do in your daily life, and that might just happen incidentally anyway. For example, you might take one child to soccer practice or the store with you while the others stay home. But you can also make a special day of it. If you want to give an experience as a gift, each child could pick something they want to do alone with mom or dad. If you've got two kids and two parents, it works out perfectly! You can do one day, and then swap around and do another one.


Matching T-shirts

I'm not a fan of dressing siblings in the same outfits all the time. But buying them similar things makes clothes shopping a lot easier. Something that makes a cute gift is a set of almost matching t-shirts. One of the unique gift ideas from Zoey's Attic is to have t-shirts that say "big brother," "baby sister", and so on. These are especially cute if there's a new baby on the way! Even siblings who squabble a lot will love having special matching t-shirts for the day.

Something to Do Together

Whether your kids already get along well, or they need some bonding time, a gift they can enjoy together is a good idea. It could be a game that they can play, although that might lead to disaster if they're competitive! If you want something that doesn't involve winning or losing, they might enjoy having an art project they can do together. They could make a collage from supplies you give them or use a baking kit to make some cakes.

Personalized Books

Another fun way to get personalized gifts is to buy books that allow you to add a few personal details. Your kids and their friends get to feature in the book by putting their names in the right places. But it's the sort of gift that you'd better get for all your kids, not just one of them! It's more fun to get them slightly different ones with different stories. Otherwise, you'll be reading the same book over and over but with the names changed!

Getting cute gifts for siblings can help to keep things equal. But don't forget to buy them something just for each of them too.

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  1. i love these ideas. I think the baking kit sounds fun for siblings


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