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Are You Safe to Drive this Holiday Season? Find Out Before Hitting the Road

The holiday season is such a fun and joyous time of year. After Thanksgiving, the holiday parties and gatherings begin, and don't stop until New Year's Eve. It's so wonderful to be able to get together with family and friends for open houses, parties and celebrations this time of year, but those innocent celebrations can turn deadly in an instant, when drunk driving comes into play.

You may think that one of two drinks won't hurt anything, and that you'll be fine to drive after a couple of cocktails, but think again. Before getting behind the wheel during the holidays (or anytime of year), you should make sure that you are fit to drive (physically, and mentally), and that you're safe to drive legally in your state of residence.

There are several ways to test your alcohol intake levels before getting behind the wheel. One way, is to use the simple Safe Driving Calculator, which is a quick and easy test you can take on your phone, before heading out the door. The test takes your age, weight, gender, and the number of drinks consumed into consideration before calculating your result. The test first asks whether or not you are under the age of 21. 21 is the legal drinking age, nation-wide in the United States. If you are under 21, you have no business consuming any type of alcohol- non at all. 

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Not everyone handles alcohol the same way. People who weigh less, or rarely consume alcohol are more likely to be affected by alcohol before folks who might be taller or weigh more. Those who consume alcohol more regularly may be able to tolerate alcohol in larger amounts. Though you may not feel drunk or even buzzed, never get behind the wheel before checking your alcohol level. Keeping a breathalizer with you, or using an app or calculator can help save lives.

One of the safest ways to ensure your safety and the safety of others if you are under the influence of alcohol, is to attend a party with a designated driver. Ask a friend or spouse to abstain from drinking, so that they will be safe and sober to drive home. If you need to, call for a cab or Uber driver, or ask a friend for a ride home. You can always go back for your car the next day, after you have had a chance to sober up. Worst case scenario, ask if you can crash at the home of the person hosting the gathering. Friends and family would much rather offer to make up their couch for the night than to see you hurt, or to have you hurt someone else. Just remember- buzzed driving is drunk driving, and the laws and fines vary from state to state, but you can be sure that law enforcement will be making their rounds during the holidays, and will be on the lookout for drunk drivers. No drink is worth risking your life or someone else's life.

Have a safe and happy holiday season!

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